These Men’s Hairstyles Will Flaunt Your Face Shape!

When it comes to physical appearance, one of the most noticeable features of your body is your hair. Its length, color, and shape help to define the face and make one feel more confident. Aside from caring for your hair, you should also know what type of hairstyle will suit you. Not every haircut is suitable for every face shape. A hairstyle enhances the appearance of your face and immediately becomes the focal point of your physical appearance. Many times, people go to beauty salons and end up with the same hairstyle as their friend had the week before. This cycle will continue until your hair grows too long and you need to get it cut again. But with our guide to the perfect men’s hairstyles for every face shape, you won’t have to worry about your hairstylist messing it up again!

These Men's Hairstyles Will Flaunt Your Face Shape!

Round Face 

If you have a round face, you should use your hair to add height and length. As a result, choose a hairstyle with longer layers to make your neck appear longer and your face appear slimmer. While women avoid thick bangs and extremely small curls with hard angular styles, men can achieve a mature look with a pompadour style and a side part.

Oval Face

An oval, which is considered the genetic jackpot for women, may not be the most alpha of face shapes for men, but it is a good canvas for experimentation. Because an oval face shape is symmetrical and well-proportioned, it can accommodate almost any hairstyle, so you’re in luck.

The key to creating volume and angles on top with an oval face shape is to wear your hair off the forehead. A classic short back and sides and slightly longer on top with a side-swept parting is the most appropriate style.

Oblong Face

Because your face is somewhat long, look for a balanced hairstyle that gives you a uniform vibe. Avoid tapered faux hawks, pompadours with deep fades, and anything that combines long hair on top with much shorter hair on the sides. Instead, if your hair is short, go for a quality side part, and if your hair is longer, go for a voluminous slicked back look.

Diamond Face

The best hairstyle for a diamond face shape will be one that emphasizes the fuller and wider forehead and chin. Choose a deep side part and textured, messy hair. The goal is to balance cheekbones and sharpen angles. An angular fringe can also be used to define the cheekbones.

Square Face

It, like the oval, is a great foundation for most styles and is adaptable enough to work with both extremely short and longer hairstyles, from buzz cuts to French crops to quiffs. Just keep in mind that the shorter you go, the more you appear to have been conscripted. That isn’t to say it won’t be useful to you. Some light stubble also adds a welcome texture to the sharpness of your jawline without blurring its line.

Triangular Face 

You want to balance out a triangular face shape’s wider jaw and narrower forehead by going big on volume up top. A thick quiff or pompadour will do the trick. What matters most is that you keep your hair thick and flowing, even if that means using a little more volumizing hair product. Most experts also agree that beards and triangle face shapes do not always go together, so go for some light stubble or a clean shave instead. Short haircuts for a strong jawline are always a good idea.

Heart Face

If you’ve always wanted bangs, now’s your chance. You can get the perfect bangs because you have a wider forehead. You should concentrate on your chin and can go with textured fringe or dimensional quiff.

Rectangle Face

A rectangular face is the longest of the face shapes, falling somewhere between an oval and a square, but it requires a subtly tweaked hairstyle to avoid making the face appear even longer than it is. Try a well-proportioned style that doesn’t have too short sides or too much length on top.

Try these men’s hairstyles on your next appointment and tell us how you liked them!

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