Should You Get A Chia Pet Of Your Own?

Chia pets were popular in the 1980s with the “Ch-ch-ch-chia” singing ad, remember the “Watch It Grow” is the slogan. A number of chia pet creatures were sold, but the collections quickly became obsolete. But chia pet has found a new renaissance today, and new types are being introduced as customers rediscover the green seedy wonder. Today, chia pets come in the form of licensed cartoon characters and other items.

Should You Get A Chia Pet Of Your Own?
via Wikimedia Commons/Mike Mozart

Chia Pets are American-styled clay figurines used to sprout chia, with the chia sprouts growing to mimic the animal’s fur or hair within a few weeks. Chia seeds are moistened and placed to the grooved terra clay figure body.

Chia seeds from the salvia plant are used to coat the Mexican clay creatures. The clay cotta bodies of the creatures have grooves. Wet chia seeds are patted into the animal grooves. Water is absorbed by seeds. They sprout and, as the chia develops, resemble animal hair. As the chia develops, the animal shape changes.

Why Should you get one?

Should You Get A Chia Pet Of Your Own?
via Wikimedia Commons/VAT

After a few weeks of daily watering, the seeds grow! They have a stylish appearance and there are many different kinds, including animals, cartoon characters, and even presidents! They couldn’t be easier to care for. Even kids can do it! Soak the planter, soak the seeds, scatter the seeds on top of the planter, and water it daily. That’s all there is to it. You get attached to them as you see them grow. 

What should you keep in mind?

Should You Get A Chia Pet Of Your Own?
via Wikimedia Commons/Andrew Ratto from Berkeley, USA

The Chia Pet will not reach its full height until it has grown for 4 to 6 weeks. Patience is essential. One of the most significant disadvantages is that you must water your plants on a regular basis. You will have to treat them with the same attention that you would provide to a real pet. Skipping one or two days of watering might undo all of your efforts. You may set a reminder for yourself or position the plant in a prominent location to remind yourself to water it. You’ll need plenty of natural light. Sometimes, no matter what you try, the seeds will not grow. 

Where can you get a Chia Pet?

You can get Chia Pets anywhere online now. They were produced in Mexico and now they are produced in China. 15 million Chia Toys were sold last year. Also, Fun Fact, You can EAT your Chia Pet too!

Are you ready to get a chia pet? Because we are!

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