Muscle Cafés And Bars- A Treat To The Stomach AND To The Eyes!

If you need to come up with the craziest, most out-of-this-world ideas, then Japan is your country for inspiration. We get wild ideas but discard them; the Japanese, on the other hand, hold onto every bizarre plan of theirs and implement it fully. This is why you’ll find an amazing variety of themed experiences in the city where the magic happens- Tokyo. Especially when it comes to bars and cafes, they have not shied away from using themes like ninjas, animals, horror, and of course, you can’t forget the kawaii maids and butlers. But what we’re about to show you is one of their most unusual creations yet- a muscles-themed drinking and eating experience. 

The Macho Cafe

As you might know, Japan’s cafe culture is more about designing an environment for the clients to enjoy and be interested in than about specializing in dishes or drinks (they’re not behind in that either). The Macho Cafe in Tokyo is kind of a prime example of this. It’s theme revolves around a bunch of very well-built, friendly men serving you coffee and going around the place talking to everyone, wearing tank tops and shorts to show-off their ripped physique. If the image of a Hooters suddenly popped up in your head, then you’re on the right track. This cafe seems to focus on the similar concept of serving eye-candy, except it is directed towards a female audience. Anyone can enjoy the hot coffee and the hotter dudes in this place, though. 

What do they offer?

Well, the theme of a cafe doesn’t depend just on its looks, but on its food and beverages too, right? Sure, for someone who goes there just for visual fun and plans to eat heartily, they have hefty pancakes loaded with whipped cream along with your regular cafe delicacies. But for the proper macho experience, a healthy bowl of oatmeal, broccoli, or chicken is recommended. Afterall, all of these “macho-men” are in reality fitness-lovers and seem to want to inspire clients to move towards gyms and healthier eating.
The spotlight of your visit will, however, fall on the special menu treat for 4,000 yen – The Wall of Meat. Visualize this- multiple hunky men revolving in a formation around you, parading their muscles. There’s food involved too, but you’d probably be too starstruck to think about that. 

How did this come about?

The Macho Cafe is not the only thing showcasing such a concept. In fact, a group of buff, Japanese men by the name Macho 29, sponsored by a Japanese protein powder brand, have been going around taking over food experiences everywhere, including a shaved ice shop at a mall. Clearly, they’re more of a performance troupe than just waiters at a cafe.

The Muscle Girls’ Bar

For those of you who had a crush on the muscular bunny hero Miruko from My Hero Academia (which includes basically all of us), this muscle girls’ bar is the perfect place to blush not only from the alcohol but also from the fact that you are surrounded by beautiful, body-building women. It is a place that has a more vibrant and lighthearted aura of a gym than the drunk vibe of a bar, and your hosts sweetly cheer you on when you try to empty out beer from a massive, 1kg glass. 

The muscle girls are all women passionate about fitness, and who have taken this opportunity as a way to show off their muscular prowess. The experience involves a number of cute experiences, ranging from them preparing drinks for you on the spot by crushing fresh fruit with their bare hands, to having you train your own muscles with the variety of gym instruments available there. You can also be a nice customer and order a few protein shakes for the girls to enjoy with you, which makes interacting with them that much friendlier. Their cheerful confidence and strength are really something to admire!

I’m pretty sure you’ll get super flustered from all the cuteness and niceness though, like this YouTube Vlogger- 

Oh, what do I see you doing there? Adding this attraction to your already ginormous list of places you need to visit in Japan? Good thinking! We expect nothing less from the land that gave us anime, right?

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