Mystery Anime That Will Blaze Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

We all love good mysteries, whether it’s a conspiracy theory or a happening that science cannot explain. I often find myself watching crime documentaries, reading novels on this theme or just skimming around YouTube in search of a good mystery record or mystery anime to watch while having my meal.

Have you ever solved a mystery even before the answer was on the screen? Or considered to be special because of your clever quirk of fast thinking and logical reasoning? No worries if you’re neither too, because this collection of mystery anime will surely blow your mind.

Bungo Stray Dogs

Mystery Anime That Will Blaze Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

While waiting for its season 4, Bungou Stray Dogs has made a huge impact because of its literary relevance to infamous authors. Each character is named after Japanese authors and has the same characteristics as them. The clever dialogues, witty screenplay and detailed graphics only add to this supernatural-themed anime. The story starts as our protagonist Atsushi Nakajima is disowned by an orphanage and has no place to call home. While not giving too much away from the story, he comes across a supernatural detective agency through Osamu Dazai, a suicidal detective he saved from drowning. It only gets better when we meet other characters, the evil forces and learn more about mysteries.

The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited

Mystery Anime That Will Blaze Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

Daisuke fans rise up! This brilliant, comedic piece has just completed a year of airing, and it has everything you need. Crime, friendships, comedy and money. Haru Kato is a passionate detective but a man of quick-temper. His life is pretty simple, but he has trouble moving on from his past. When he encounters Daisuke Kambe, the current head of an influential family and comes across the way he solves crimes through wealth and modern gadgets he is troubled. But we see huge character development from the first episode of this mystery anime, as both of the protagonists help each other become better detectives.


Mystery Anime That Will Blaze Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

This isn’t your typical high-school rom-com. It uncovers the whole genre of mystery, following four high schoolers as its protagonists. Houtarou Oreki is a ‘lazy genius’. He doesn’t want to do activities that involve a lot of thinking or energy. His life changes when he receives a letter from his sister from India, encouraging him to enter his school’s literature club, which is on the verge of disbanding. He stumbles upon Eru Chitanda, a cheerful and curious student from class 1-A, considered extremely intelligent. It is only because of her, this anime has a good plot. She often says ‘I’m curious’ before Houtarou and other friends dive into clearing mysteries and is only because of her scrupulousness they’re able to keep the club running.

Rascal Doesn’t Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

Mystery Anime That Will Blaze Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

Unfortunately, this anime has nothing to do with a bunny girl, although that’s where the story starts from. Imagine seeing a teenage actress in a bunny girl costume at a library! Pretty weird thing to do, right? Sakuta Azusagawa is the high schooler who saw Mai Sakurajima, his senior at a library. Coincidentally (or purposely), Sakuta and his sister too suffer similar experiences. But as we come to know about adolescence syndrome, a term used to describe abdominal occurrences during puberty due to instability and sensitivity, more characters intertwine in the story.  

The Day I Became God

Mystery Anime That Will Blaze Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

A fluffy, inspiring and proficient story with humble characters. This anime truly changed my perspective of life. Yota Narukami meets Hina Sato, a strange young girl who claims she is the god Odin while preparing for graduation exams. She claims the world is ending in 30 days, and somehow is welcomed to his home. Hina is a bright child and helps Yota overcome his fears and build stronger relationships among his friends. The story brings out many aspects of life, illness and connections we have with people not related to us.

How I wish I could watch all these again for the first time! Mystery Anime truly brings out the best in every genre. Which one have you watched? Make sure to comment!

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