Sagarmatha Art Centre: The Best Out Of Himalayan Waste

The bucket list of an average person looks like this-

  1. X
  2. Y
  3. Join a Himalayan Expedition

The Himalayas stand out from other mountainous ranges because of the mere fact that the highest peak, the Mount Everest, stands a whooping 30,000ft above the sea level, making it the highest mountain in our world. Out of the numerous climbers who have set their hearts to conquer the Everest, only around 10 thousand have been successful. Nevertheless, climbing the Himalayas to any height is something you have to experience to understand.

Something else we need to understand is the amount of trash climbers litter while they’re scratching this off their bucket lists.

In 2019, the government of Nepal announced that 24,200lbs of garbage was brought down from the Himalayas during a 45-day cleaning project. This waste included plastic bottles, cans, food wrappings, used oxygen bottles, some equipment, batteries and, err… let’s use the euphemism ‘human waste’.

What do climbers usually do with the garbage?

They burn it, In open pits. Simple solution? Not so much. The burning of trash (including plastics and non-biodegradable stuff) causes an insane amount of pollution. When tests were performed in 2019 on Himalayan water and ice samples, it was found out that 3/8 water samples were contaminated and 11 of the ice samples actually contained microplastics!

Sagarmatha Next: The Innovative Project to tackle waste management challenges

As we grow more conscious of the consequences our actions carry, we also come up with new ideas to (i) take accountability of our actions and improve them, (iii) deal with consequences in a productive way, and (iii) create solutions that encourage us to be on track.

This is what the Sagarmatha Next project is all about!

As a part of the effort to clean the mountains and restore the pristine beauty, the Himalayan Museum and Sustainable Park  has organised Sagarmatha Next, a creative solution to our problem!

The first and foremost step is the creation of the Sagarmatha Center, a place to allow and encourage experimentation around making the best out of waste! The project intends to employ local (and other) artists to get creative with the trash, make art and sell it to climbers and tourists. The plan is to organise a soft opening this spring for locals which will include an art gallery.

Another step would be the introduction of the ‘Carry Me Back” scheme, where climbers will be responsible for bringing 2lbs of trash back to the Lukla airport, from where these trash bags will be flown to Kathmandu.

Why is the Sagarmatha Next project so important?

One of the most conspicuous benefits of the project is the tackling of waste material and improved waste management, but that’s not all. The Sagarmatha Next project will reduce pollution and restore the health and beauty of the Himalayas. Not only this, it is a sure shot that will provide employment to artists and others, and generate flow of income. Along with this, the project will boost ingenuousness and encourage artists to be as original and crazy as they want!

What do you think? Wouldn’tyou wanna buy an aesthetic piece from this museum? Because WE WOULD!

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