Sneaker Reselling : A Beginner’s Guide To Making A Fortune

In your shoe closet might be sitting a fortune waiting to be tapped on and unleashed into the crazy world of sneaker reselling.  Selling pre-owned, used or mint sneakers is not a new concept, but it is in now. And when done correctly, this could easily pay off your debts. The sneaker resale market is predicted to be worth over $6 billions by 2025, globally! 

Sneaker Reselling: A Beginners Guide To Tapping The Treasure

What makes it easier, now more than ever, to sell your kicks is the peak of the internet and social media – you can sit in your chair and earn thousands of dollars! 

Now that we know we have this small fortune right at our places, how do we tap it? In our article today, you’ll find nearly everything you need to know to get your hands on sneaker resale $$$!

Identifying which kicks are worth it in the market 

Sneaker Reselling: A Beginners Guide To Tapping The Treasure

Sadly, your basic Nike trainers won’t do. But if you have a limited edition pair in good condition, you’re in luck! The rarer the shoes, the higher the world is willing to pay to grab them. Some limited-edition sneakers have had sneaker reselling value of $60,000 and more! Vintage shoes still in good condition will sell well, but your best bet is to get a limited-edition shoe that brands drop at the earliest. Some of these kicks can be re-sold immediately at a profit of 5-10 times the retail value. Often, the prices of these shoes will go up after a few months, so the resale value will be even higher. 

Make some friends at shoe shops, ask them what’s hot. Contact suppliers and resellers and go to auctions to get these pairs. 

And don’t forget to ask the elders in your family if they have some rare, classic sneakers in good condition.

Confused about which kicks to invest in for eventual sneaker reselling? Rule of thumb, look for the ones the brand has invested the most in. As the demand rises, the price of these pairs will hike up. 

Another great option is to look at StockX (hyperlink – ). Values and numbers are constantly updated on this website, and it will help you figure out what sells. 

Storage tips for a higher sell 

Sneaker Reselling: A Beginners Guide To Tapping The Treasure

Keeping these kicks in your shoe rack won’t cut it. The first rule of storing shoes is to keep them away from light to avoid yellowing. Make sure they’re not cramped in the storage box, and clean your shoes every once in a while to protect their freshness. Wiping might suffice for some shoes, but make sure to get special cleaning supplies if your pair is made of leather, suede, or any high-maintenance material. Clean them everywhere you can reach, because a clean pair of shoes will automatically sell better than a dirty, dusty one. 

Photographing your kicks

Sneaker Reselling: A Beginners Guide To Tapping The Treasure

Original pictures are the heart of your salesmanship. These are what the buyers will look at first, so make sure you have a clear, consistent background that makes the shoes stand out. Visit GOAT’s instagram page for inspiration )  Photograph from different angles for a 3D view, and use ample megapixels for recording minute details. This becomes especially important if you have highly sought-after sneakers, where the chance of counterfeit is high. Read guides on identifying real vs. fake models, and you will understand the kind of details you need to present for buyer assurance. Photographing the logo, the brand name, the shoe box, receipts, and anything that helps potential buyers confirm authenticity is necessary. If your shoes have any defects, don’t hide that either. Maintaining transparency is important if you are in this for the long run. 

Describe the condition of your product 

Sneaker Reselling: A Beginners Guide To Tapping The Treasure

If you’re new to the sneaker resale industry, knowing the jargon will go a long way. 

DS- deadstock , aka never used, mint sneakers; VNDS- very near deadstock, aka, worn a few times, certainly very close to new; Beaters, aka, thoroughly worn; PE- player exclusive; OG- original, and more. Such ‘slang’ comes in handy while describing your pair. You can also go with your gut and rate your shoe out of 10, but think very straight and decide what you would rate them as a close observer. 

Look on the brand website for the model number or code, and feel free to add it. 

Understanding the price you need to set 

Setting a price might be the hardest part of the whole affair, because even tiny glitches can factor in. 

Sneaker Reselling: A Beginners Guide To Tapping The Treasure

One of the best ways to find out your sneaker reselling price is to look at your model at StockX to see what they are worth. The website raises the value of tbe sneakers for personal commision, so make sure you calculate how much you’d be making minus the website’s profit. 

Visit FedEx or other courier services to find out their national and international shipping charges, and factor that in when you set a price. If you aren’t sure how much the shipping will cost, write down your claim and add that shipping charges will be extra. When you have found a buyer, make sure to discuss these charges with them to avoid any misunderstanding. 

Even though it is recommended not to overprice or underprice your shoes, make sure you counter in all the little glitches and flaws of your shoes and only set the price you think is fair.

If all this sounds too much, visit KickGame ( This website will analyse your shoes for you and put a price on them, as long as you’re willing to give it 20 percent of your profit.

When and Where 

Sneaker Reselling: A Beginners Guide To Tapping The Treasure

You might have the greatest pair of sneakers, but if you sell it at the wrong place and the wrong time, you might end up realising you severely underpriced your kicks. 

High-in-demand newly-released limited editions might immediately resell for 200-300 percent the retail value, but this price might go up even higher if you have landed classics. Experts recommend not going with what’s hyped, but what’s been invested the most in. 

When it comes to where you should sell, the online sneaker market is one of the best possible places. 


Sneaker Reselling: A Beginners Guide To Tapping The Treasure

GOAT is quickly becoming the most aesthetic platform for buyers and sellers of limited-edition sneakers. GOAT verifies the authenticity of all its sold sneakers. 


via StockX

Extremely user-friendly and hassle free, StockX is one of the best places for sneaker r selling, and even buying authentic pairs, especially for those in the States. This website constantly updates demands, values, gains and losses, making it useful not only in selling, but also in deciding what to sell. Once StockX has confirmed the legitimacy of your sneakers after the sale, you get paid immediately, without even having to wait for the buyer to receive them. 


via Grailed

No fooling: sellers of counterfeit products get banned from Grailed, ensuring buyers and sellers of the authenticity this website promises. 

Facebook groups 

Some Facebook groups like Crepe City have shown expertise in connecting authentic buyers and sellers, and have regular resale events. 


While many of us have fallen victim to trash sellers and buyers on ebay, reselling your kicks here can be a great option if you find well-verified people.

We recommend using PayPal for transactions and labelling the money as “goods and services”. This will make sure that, in case the buyer claims to not have received the product, PayPal’s protector policy covers the entire amount of the payment, as long as you can submit proof that the item was shipped. 

Once the sale goes through, make sure you double box your shoes before wrapping, as courtesy, and shipping within 24 hours for repute. 

Happy sneaker reselling!

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