Spotting The 7 Friendliest Sharks In The Sea

Most of us are sane enough to run away as soon as we see a moving silhouette in the sea. As beautiful as it might look on TV, facing a shark in real life can be traumatizing. Well, kind of. But fear not, friend. Sharks aren’t called “sea puppies” for no reason. Some species of these creatures can be very friendly, and fun to be with, especially the 7 friendliest sharks on our list. So next time you spot a shark in the sea, make sure you know whether to stay or to run away!

Lemon Shark 

Spotting The 7 Friendliest Sharks In The Sea
via Wikimedia Commons/Albert kok

The lemon shark likes to keep its peace and hang around without wrecking havoc. The large shark is known to science as Negaprion brevirostris. Yes, large. The little giant can grow up to 10ft and weigh 550lbs! Lemon shark is, as the name suggests, yellow hued. The unusual color doesn’t stop it from making friends, though, seeing as this is one of the friendliest sharks in the sea. There have been only 10 documented attacks by lemon sharks on humans, and none of them were close to fatal. 

Angel shark 

Spotting The 7 Friendliest Sharks In The Sea
via Wikimedia Commons/Philippe Guillaume

Ah, what a docile name. Isn’t it?

These creatures might not look like sharks, because they have flat, kind of 2-dimensional bodies, but they are sharks nonetheless. Angel sharks are also known as Squatina Squatina. The small sized sharks grow up to only 7ft and weigh as light as 75lbs. Very rarely do angel sharks attack humans, but it’s best not to provoke them. You know, sharp teeth, broad jaw &c. 

Zebra Shark 

Spotting The 7 Friendliest Sharks In The Sea
via Wikimedia Commons/Daniel Sasse

The zebra shark loves to chill at the bottom of the waters and is, well, chilled. These docile creatures move slowly and don’t exactly like to pick fights. A fully grown zebra shark can be as long as 8ft, and have various patterns including vertical strips like their namesake. These sharks are known to like humans. Heck, you can even get close to one without much danger. There has been only one documented unprovoked attack by a Zebra shark on a human!

Mud Shark 

Spotting The 7 Friendliest Sharks In The Sea
via Wikimedia Commons/Sergi from Spain

Mud Shark is also known as spiny dogfish. If you’re wondering why, the creature has two spines that it uses defensively to protect itself.  The females of this species are larger than their males, at 39-63inches. Though mud sharks love to hunt in packs, as long as you aren’t provoking them, you are safe. Be humble. When spiny dogfish are sure you aren’t a threat, they’ll come to you themselves. 

Nurse Shark 

Spotting The 7 Friendliest Sharks In The Sea
via Wikimedia Commons/Dr. Mathew Gilligan

If you’re looking for an underwater partner might we suggest a nurse shark? 

Known to be peace-loving, non-aggressive sharks, these nocturnal animals can rest motionless in caves and other places, not really giving a f*ck about all the humans out for a swim. Nurse sharks can be as long as 14 whooping feet! 

Hammerhead Shark 

via Wikimedia Commons/Barry Peters

The hammerhead shark‘s head resembles, well, the head of a hammer. The shape of their head makes them agile. They can be as long as 20ft, which is the longest we’ve discussed till now. 

The large size can often scare us away, but hammerhead sharks are not extremely violent towards humans. Sure, they love to hunt at night, but till you don’t provoke them, they won’t kill you. There have rarely been any documented cases of hammerhead sharks attacking humans!

Whale Shark 

Whale sharks might just be the friendliest creatures in the sea! We all know that these lovely dears give divers a ride into the oceans. ON THEIR BACKS!

Whale Shark babies love playing with humans and pose absolutely no threat. 

Let their sizes not be a deal breaker. A fully grown whale shark can have a maximum length of 59ft and weigh tons. But they are so gentle. Feel free to dive into the sea when whale sharks are present and have a ‘large dolphin’ experience.

Which of these sharks do you want to swim with?

So you loved the friendliest sharks in the sea and are ready to dive in? Learn how it feels to swim alongside fishes so you know what to expect!

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