This Is How Surrealism, Sweetness, and Eroticism Are Linked

Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele are two artists that used the theme to build a connection between surrealism and eroticism and practically shocked the world with it. Art is now commemorated in all forms. Literature, paintings, movies have all contributed to celebrating art. A little over a week ago I was learning about painters who used “eroticism” as a theme in their paintings. Literature is free of all bias and it also highlights eroticism on occasions. 

Schiele’s work was considered to be so radical that he ended up spending a few years in jail because of it. He believed that in order to create art, he needed to develop a strong relationship with his female subjects. He’s believed to be narcissistic. “Two Women” is a perfect example of this where he has shown women in a rather, uncomfortable light. But we must view art with no bias, and know that art has no boundaries and such that surrealism can be linked with sweetness and eroticism.

Gustav Klimt’s art (on most occasions), speaks for itself. “The kiss”, in 1908, depicts a couple locked in an embrace. The man is believed to be Gustav himself and he’s seen planting a kiss on the cheek of the woman present in the portrait. The female is shown to submit to him and there’s a gold shower surrounding them. 

Surrealism, Sweetness, and Eroticism Are Linked Read How!

One such artist lives in the city of dreams, New York (Oh, I love the idea of that city, it’s almost like the name feels like a breath of fresh air). The Artist is Relm, her work is mostly the fantasy themes of fairies and jungles. Her prints and paints will take you to the magical world we all dream of in living surrounded by fairies and mystical creatures. Her medium of painting is watercolors, pencils, ink, and even some oily paints.  

This artist showcases the sweet dreams and the sweet fantasies we subconsciously foster. She throws light on them through her artwork is a contrast on how surrealism is linked with erotism. She essentially paints women and these women are seen enjoying when sexually subdued by their partners. She paints women together, enjoying each other’s bodies and this (bold assumption) explains what a female’s embrace feels to another female. 

Women are tender, almost magnificent and so majestic. In most of her paintings, women are covered in flowers, which could mean that female bodies are utterly beautiful; something so fragile yet so powerful. Her paintings radiate positive sexual energy and can make you feel a thing or ten. You are bound to have these overpowering sexual imaginations, so much so, it feels surreal. Her paintings show women salivating and craving to feel powerful when united with another body.

The use of bondage and is almost appalling, but it evokes strong sexual fantasies. Her illustrations are magnetic, they will have your attention because the women are seen enjoying themselves. It may be bold of me to say but it’s asserted that most women don’t enjoy themselves when they get intimate with their partners. Relm perfectly mixes the surreal scenarios in her paintings with the hidden surreal objects and bees in a fun and cute way.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t follow many ‘fantasy artists’ like Relm herself. These artists don’t just have a sexual tone to their art but symbolises what the human mind is capable of. Our bodies need not be sexualized but celebrated in every way possible. Human bodies are beautiful. Each part was designed for a particular purpose and it’s time we acknowledged that, rather than clinging on to societal constructs, designed by man itself. 

Her work as described ranges from erotic dream-like  settings to unique take on basic portraiture. She creates innocent outcasts beings which are found in the fantasy worlds. Behind every pouty lip or doe eyes, there is a river of emotions and destitute. 

Here cross culture upbringing i.e being born in Bosnia and brought up NYC, she has huge influence of both backgrounds and extreme settings. She is also heavily inspired by history and recreating worlds that have already existed.

Spiritual and sexual awakening is cardinal. We must understand that these needs are not morally “wrong”, but that’s simply our body acting the way it should. Artists bring our imaginations to life. Artists dare to believe and we must let them. We must offer a safe space to these artists as that’s exactly what they deserve. These artists draw links to age-old concepts and philosophies that are long forgotten.

Through paintings, through their art, these ideas continue to live on. These artists that I follow on Instagram display the sexual needs of women, that are legitimate and something one needs to talk about. There are enough individuals I know who appreciate art as one should. Frankly, we all should.

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