The 10 Most Popular Comic Books Of British Origins

American comic books and Japanese manga were not the only entertainments that raised kids during the 1900s. Among the most popular comic books, the British pages also held a reputed position when it came to the limited sources that marked the childhood of kids during that era. This elite comic collection of the UK debuted in 1828, and since then has gained a large number of loyal fans. Many characters made their way to the world through these comics and are now stand with feet firmly planted in the entertainment industry.  Undoubtedly, some of these comics are more popular than others.same. Our list today is not only a tribute to popular comic books or British origins but also a guide for the people looking to read them. Here are the top 10 British comic books in terms of popularity. Enjoy!

V for Vendetta

The 10 Most Popular Comic Books Of British Origins

V for Vendetta, the extremely engaging graphic novel is arguably one of the most popular comic books the world has seenz and so it was also adapted into a movie. Obviously, the movie did really well too. The comic was originally released in 1982. It was written by Alan Moore and was illustrated by David Llyod. The comic has 10 issues in total so you will have a nice long run with this graphic novel. It was published by the DC comics and revolves around this mysterious vigilante V! In short, it is a comic worth reading.

 The Ballad of Halo Jones

The 10 Most Popular Comic Books Of British Origins

Yet another remarkable piece of work by Alan Moore. He sure aced the comic world! It was co-authored by Ian Gibson as well. The famous comic is about this very average girl. It was published in 1986. This comic is the perfect read for sci-fi lovers. The plot revolves around Halo Jones, duh, it’s in the name. Anyway, the story is surely interesting, however, Halo is claimed to be no one special, according to the authors. The enjoyment you will get while reading this comic will surely be special though!

Judge Dredd: America

The 10 Most Popular Comic Books Of British Origins

Not only is Judge Dredd one of the most popular comic books of all times, its protagonist, Judge Dredd, makes it to some of the most popular comic book characters ever known. This comic was the first US edition about the adventures of the Judge Dredd plot! The comic was released in 1991 and has 90 volumes. It stands in the third position in terms of popularity and belongs to the sci-fi genre. Sci-fi lovers are surely getting lucky with this article in terms of new read recommendations. The plot is about the Judges who are the law and the rules! This comic is written by John Wanger and Colin Macneil. We sure would recommend this one.

Slaine: The Horned God (2000AD)

The 10 Most Popular Comic Books Of British Origins

Even the name is badass, just like the comics! No doubt the comics bagged the fourth spot on this list and in people’s hearts. It is written by Pat Mills and was released in 1983. The comic is full of adventures that are heavily based on Celtic myths and stories. These barbarian fantasy adventures will give you some gala time while you read about them and imagine the unthinkable journey. Slaine has a special spot as he was the first comic book hero that was published in the 2000AD magazines.

Miracleman, Book One: A Dream Of Flying

The 10 Most Popular Comic Books Of British Origins

Miracles are real and this story about the comic book character Miracleman is the proof of that. This extremely famous comic book was written by Alan Moore, Garry Leach, and Mick Anglo. Alan again, no doubt the comic stands on the fifth spot as long as popularity is concerned. The book was published in 1988 and is all about a reporter that gets some unforgettable dreams. The story is engaging and a must-read for sure.

The Complete Nemesis The Warlock, Volume 1

Pat Mills is back again with his next successful comic book! The Complete Nemesis The Warlock Volume 1 is another comic book written by Pat and it stands at the fixed position when it comes to popularity. It was co-written with Kevin O’Neil and was published in 1983. The issue appeared in the 2000 AD magazine. The story is about the adventures of Nemesis the Warlock and his friends. A plot that will engage you if you have a thing for some supernatural adventures.

Captain Britain

The 10 Most Popular Comic Books Of British Origins

Guess the writer, will you? Yes, it’s Alan the genius again. Captain Britain is a highly loved and successful comic book that was written by Alan Moore and Alan Davis. The protagonist and the book gained instant love and recognition. In fact, marvel fans are waiting for it to be adapted as a movie. It gave its first appearance in 1976 and comes under Marvel Comics. Marvel lovers would love to give it a try!

Alice in Sunderland

Now, we know you all have heard about Alice roaming in Wonderland but are you also aware of her in Sunderland? Well, you must be because the comic is extremely popular and stands at the earth position on this list. It was written by Bryan Talbot and was published in 2007. The book is full of adventures and fantasies that will keep you on edge. The book is a must-read without a doubt.


Zenith is all about this British superhero that has his ways of doing stuff. The book was written by Grant Morrison and appeared in the 2000 AD magazine. The comics came out in 1987. Zenith is a cool third-generation superhero who can fly! The plot is, of course, about him dealing with superhero problems and the bizarre adventures that follow him closely. A must-read for action and fantasy lovers.

ABC Warriors: The Black Hole

The 10 Most Popular Comic Books Of British Origins

Pat is at it once again! This famous comic is a creation by Pat Mills, Simon Bisley, and S.M.S. The comic came out in 1988 and is under the DC Comics. The book stands at the tenth position and rightly so. The plot is about this mission which aims to close a black hole! The ABC Warriors are sent on this mission for the same. The comic is a perfect read for people who love to read some sci-fi and fantasy mixed with space troubles!

These were the 10 most popular comic books or British origins that you simply cannot miss. We know none of them will let you down. So, which one are you reading first?

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