What You Want To Drink On Your Next Vacation Will Reveal The Destination!

Is it even a vacation till you don't remember what you did half of the time, because you were too buzzed?

With a remarkable amount of social proof, we can say that fun is amplified when you lighten up and allow yourself to be tipsy, especially on your vacation. Soloz with friends, with a partner or with your family – we know how much you want to have fun.

What do you want to drink on your next vacay? We have a special destination for you based on just that. Yes, the destination that serves best what you want to get drunk on!

  1. What do you wanna drink on your next vacay?

    1. Absinthe
    2. Gin
    3. Jenever
    4. Ouzo
    5. Port wine
    6. Tequila
    7. Vodka
    8. Grappa

What You Want To Drink On Your Next Vacation Will Reveal The Destination!

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    I'd rather be your absinthez than your cup of tea 

    Absinthe might as well be the national drink of Switzerland. It has been widely expired from the paradise nation in the past, and has retained its status and popularity. Absinthe was born in Switzerland, so if yiu really want an authentic taste, your next travel destinations should be this country. 

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    Gin is often referred to as England's national drink. If you don't believe us, consider this: there are over 7,000 gin shops in London! 'Mother's ruin' was gin's original name, thanks to the UK, and it has been outstandingly popular for centuries now. Imagine roaming around the gleeful streets of London z a little tipsy, enjoying the nightlife b England is the right destination for you!

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    The Netherlands

    Jenever, or Genevar, is often called the Dutch-gin. But is it accurate? The traditional spirit from the Netherlands has a long-standing history in the country. It is flavored with juniper berries and, sometimes, herbs. Jenever is definitely not found and the best shot you have at drinking the authentic spirit is heading to the mother country, the Netherlands itself!

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    Ouzo is Greek's most popular drink, and for all the right reasons. The spirit has a long-standing history in the country – its distillation process dating back to thousands of years – and makes it to the everyday Greek lifestyle. Ouzo uses Mediterranean herbs and has an anise taste. Needless to say, if you want to drink Ouzo on your vacation, head to Greece itself. The authenticity in taste might surprise you but it will please you at the same time!

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    Port, or port wine, is a fortified wine made in Portugal. The sweet, red spirit is flavored and glides down the throat like velvet. Portugal's infamous port wine has a white and dry variety too. If you want to be tipsy with port wine head to Portugal and enjoy the local culture!

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    Tequila is not just a drink in Mexico. Tequila, a place in Mexico, is where this drink was born! It is then inessential to say this is where you need to head if you want to drink tequila on your vacation. Over 8 million cases of this spirit are consumed every single day in Mexico. If you head to a Mexican barz there is a fat chache you'll find company to do shots with!

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    Let us start with this: There is a day especially dedicated to Polish Vodka! In 2013, the definition of what makes a vodka Polish was entered. Famous across the globe and enjoyed heartedly by connoisseurs across the world, there is absolutely no vodka like the Polish version. If you really do want to drink vodka on your trip, plan it for Poland. You will neither be disappointed, nor thirsty.

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    Italian Grappa is an acquired taste. Often called 'healthy water', you will possibly be often a glass of grappa After your meal at an Italian restaurant. The spirit is sustainable, made using the leftover grape from the wine-making process, and just so happens to be a digestif. Once you acquire the taste of the Italian grappa there is no going back. Needless to say, for an authentic taste(and getting tipsy on it), you need to head to Italy on your next vacation!

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