Weirdest Cultural Traditions That Make No Sense To Outsiders

Turning your head is an important element of traveling. Observe odd traditions, appreciate people dressed in traditional attire, marvel at stunning vistas, or attempt to figure out why the hell people do what they do. Some weird habits, though, are stranger than others.BSeveral lovely locales across the world have long been recognized for their odd rituals and traditions. Those traveling through these areas may regard these traditions to be taboo or cruel. Those who seek the reason underlying these ideas, however, typically enjoy them despite their oddity. Traditions differ greatly throughout the world, and the customs of one group may appear bizarre to others. Here is a compilation of 10 weirdest cultural traditions around the world that make no sense to someone outside the community that follows it. 

Weirdest Cultural Traditions That Make No Sense To Outsiders

Monkey Buffet Festival (Thailand)

Some people may be shocked to see monkeys dining on exquisite meals above a buffet table. Over 3000 kg of fruits and vegetables are served to numerous monkeys in Lopburi, Bangkok, during this yearly festival. Over 2000 monkeys lounging on a buffet table, enjoying their savory meal dishes of over 3000 kg of fruits and vegetables!

Famadihana – Dancing with the dead (Madagascar)

People actually dance with dead bodies as part of the Famadihana ritual, which is practiced by the Malagasy tribe in Madagascar. After retrieving ancestors’ remains from their final resting place, they’re-wrap them in fresh linen and dance around the grave to live music. The ceremony is performed once every seven years, although its popularity has recently declined.

Tradition Of Scarification (Africa)

Scarification, or the cutting of the body with beautiful scars, is one of several African cultures’ oldest practices. Children in certain tribes are scarified for the first time shortly after birth! Scarification is required for women in Sudan and Ethiopia at certain stages of their life. They endure this terrible body art to signify one’s age and social status, and scarification represents men’s daring, strength, and velour.

Battaglia delle Arance (Italy)

If you don’t want to hurl tomatoes, how about throwing oranges? Every year at the Carnevale di Ivrea, inhabitants of the Italian city of Ivrea gather to hurl oranges at one another. The custom commemorates a struggle between the townspeople and a reigning tyrant, during which oranges were hurled as part of the fight for liberty.

Witches’ Night (Czech Republic)

Prague has a plethora of rituals and traditions, one of which involves young couples jumping over the dying flames of bonfires. On this day, single males are also urged to offer mementos of freshly cut branches on the doorsteps of the women of their hearts. It was formerly thought that the evil forces were considerably stronger than usual on this evening, which fell between the old feast days of St. Jacob and St. Philip, and that they ruled over the good just for this evening. Nowadays, the celebration is considerably more lighthearted, with the country’s largest bonfire taking place in the middle of the Czech city.

Muharram Mourning (Worldwide)

Muharram is the yearly commemoration of the death of Muhammad’s grandson Hussain. At the Battle of Karbala, he was slain along with 72 other fighters. People go on mourning processions to commemorate their sacrifice and lash themselves with chains to honor the sacrifice, which is a pretty strange ritual.

Foot Binding (China)

For over a thousand years, Chinese people believed tiny feet to be a symbol of beauty and appeal among females, and young girls were pressured to have their feet bound by tight bandages to guarantee that the foot would not get larger. Even within messed-up reason, this is one of the weirdest cultural traditions to ever have existed. In this manner, typical feet were shrunk to roughly 3 inches in size. The bones were frequently shattered during this treatment, and the females who were exposed to this agonizing tradition developed infection and paralysis. Despite the fact that this crazy society has finally been halted.

The Straw Bear Festival (UK)

Every January, inhabitants of Whittlesea in the UK assemble for the annual Straw Bear festival, a custom that stretches back over two centuries. The performer must march around town dressed as a five-stone bear constructed of metal and straw. The bear is accompanied on its journey by a troop of Appalachian and Morris dancers.

Neck Ring Culture (Asia and Africa)

Neck Ring Culture is well-known among several African and Asian cultures, in which stiff neck jewelry (brass coils) is worn around the neck to make the neck appear longer. Brass coils have been wrapped around the neck of a baby girl for two years among the Padaung women of Kayan people in Myanmar. They see long necks as a sign of attractiveness among them. Neck rings are also used by the South Ndebele peoples of Africa to demonstrate their riches and rank. Weird cultures taken to their logical conclusion!

Camel wrestling (Turkey)

You’ve probably heard of bullfighting, but what about camel fighting? Not at all. People in Turkey look forward to the spectacle, which pits two male camels against one other. Whoever does not flee or retreat wins. During mating season, the camels have a natural tendency to fight off the other male.

Which of the weirdest cultural traditions makes atleast a little sense to you? Share your answer in the comments below!

Thats nit all! Here are more cultural traditions you’ll find weird and interesting.

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