The 7 Best Xbox One Games To Play Right Away

As an owner of Xbox One, you have plenty of options, be it excellent titles and features. The platform has many third-party games that you will find on other consoles. Owning an Xbox One comes with many other features like Xbox Play Anywhere which allows you to save your progress via the cloud or Xbox Backward Compatibility which offers additional play options. The latest feature is the Xbox Game Pass, a Netflix-like feature that lets you play hundreds of titles with a single subscription. If you are someone who plays tons of games, Xbox One offers you plenty of options. Check on our pick of some best Xbox One games you can play right now – remember, some of them will have heavy nostalgic significance, so make yourself emotionally ready!


The 7 Best Xbox One Games To Play Right Away

Cuphead is a charming and adventure-filled game in which Cuphead and Mugman depart for “D.L.C. Isle”, an untamed and previously undiscovered island off the coast of the main Inkwell Isles. The game is hugely inspired by the animation style of rubber hose that was popular in the popular cartoons during the 1920s and 1930s. The game is perfect for those who are looking for a hardcore action game with complex and satisfying boss fights. 

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

The 7 Best Xbox One Games To Play Right Away

This episodic graphical oddball point-and-click adventure game makes a great reason for every gaming enthusiast to own an Xbox One. D4 stands far ahead of usual AAA offerings, with time travel, a giant, and a woman dressed as a cat who may or may not be real. The game progresses through the story of a widower, detective David Young, who is obsessed with unearthing the events that led to the death of his wife Little Peggy.

Devil May Cry 5

The 7 Best Xbox One Games To Play Right Away

Developed and published by Capcom Devil, May Cry 5 is the ultimate genre-defining action-adventure series that game action fans have been waiting for. As a brand new entry in the game genre, the game sees you playing as a demon-slaying protagonist pitted against the hordes of hell. With the signature blend of the latest Capcom gaming technology and high-octane action with otherworldly original characters, the game is the perfect thing to give you an innovative action-adventure experience.

Doom Eternal

The 7 Best Xbox One Games To Play Right Away

Doom Eternal is a fast-paced power fantasy first-person shooter game developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. The Doomguy’s insatiable thirst for indiscriminate violence against demons and the thrilling action return in Doom Eternal with even more polished and gloriously gory gameplay in this game. The game will see you as Doomguy tasked to save mankind by fighting a god, an even more powerful god and the legions of Heaven and Hell.

Forza Horizon 5

The 7 Best Xbox One Games To Play Right Away

The fifth edition of the popular open-world racing game comes with evolutionary additions and changes along with numerous modes, a fun atmosphere, hip music, and wild stunts you’d expect. The game will be loved by every longtime series fan for its varied Mexico setting, ridiculously packed modes and new features like the create-a-track EventLab while newcomers will be amazed by its rich creatives. Forza Horizon is another example of why Forza Horizon remains the best game series.

Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics is Gear of War’s first venture turn-based tactics game. The hallmarks of the Gear of War series including wild melee executions, cover-heavy environments and waves of overaggressive enemies are preserved in the series while adding tactical action elements in wonderfully crafted ways. The fast-paced game indulges you in recruiting and commanding your squad to hunt down an evil mastermind who makes monsters.

Grand Theft Auto V

The action-adventure game GTA V, published by Rockstar Games takes place in present-day Los Santos, a fictitious city in the fictitious state of San Andreas. The gameplay begins as a young street hustler, a retired bank robber, and a terrifying psychopath find themselves entangled with some of the most frightening and deranged elements of the criminal underworld. Grand Theft Auto V progresses as a group of gangsters are in pursuit of the American Dream. Similar to previous GTA games, the game indulges you to jack cars, bust caps and cause general mayhem while exploring a thriving open world.

Now you know the best Xbox One games you can play right now. Which title on your list do you already love? Which one made you miss your younger self? Tell us in the comments below!

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