These Long-Haired French Bulldogs Are As Rare As They’re Precious!

We love frenchies, we love a thick coat – and nature has a perfect doggo for us!

Most of us have only known frenchies as cuties with short hair, but what if we were to tell you that there IS a very cuddly long haired french bulldogs? They are rare but they are definitely here!

Read on to find out what makes these adorable little things as loveable as they are, and how you can care for one!

How these boys and gals came to be

The long hair gene in dogs has 5 variants, and our dog has the L4 gene. If two frenchies have this gene (doesn’t matter if it’s dominant or not) and do a little hanky panky, their puppy will have long wavy hair.

Sad thing is that these cuties aren’t regarded as a purebred (we think the authorities might be Slytherin) and, until now, weren’t viewed with much respect. Thanks to some kind people and the internet, we now know how rare and precious they are.

What do long-Haired frenchies look like?

Insanely endearing, for one. They have the spiked bat ears that all frenchies do, and they’re hairy around their ears, back, head and chest – making them the best snuggling partner.  This coat is made of medium-length super smooth hair and gives them an appearance that we’re very, very fond of! When it comes to their size and shape, they resemble any other frenchie out there.

The traits of the enchanters

Calm, patient and friendly are the words that define these rare long haired French bulldogs. They take some time to warm up, but once they do, they’re one of the most affectionate dog breeds out there. They befriend humans and animals alike. Oh and they like cuddling, so make sure you have the time to give them a daily dose of extra warm and loving snuggles.

How to care for the little boss

Long-haired frenchies aren’t high maintenance, but they do need good care. Give them food, water and regular (though not too much) exercise and they’re good to go! These doggos need a bath around 4 times a year, but make sure to give them more frequent baths if they’re often out and get dirty.

Grooming them is always a great idea, as is using dry shampoo on their coat in between baths. This is going to keep them fresh and fragrant.

Even though these cuties don’t get sick too often, there are still some health risks they carry – which include breathing troubles, dermatitis, cherry eye, epilepsy, and a few more. But this does not mean you have to be scared all the time. Long haired frenchies are chill, and they should inspire you to be the same!

These dogs are really loving and always ready for cuddles. If you want to get one of them, we encourage you to read more about the little ones, and then contact a rescue home, a long haired frenchie parent who wants to give their doggo up for adoption or, as a last resort, a certified and kind breeder.

Will this doggo become your family member?

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