Try Not To Confuse These Rides With Video Games, It’s Just Their Theme!

The very first roller coaster of the world was opened in 1884 in New York. The date sure proves that these joyful rides are among us since the 1800s which means that just like many aged things, this too, has seen a significant amount of changes throughout its lifetime.

The type of roller coaster that was first made has seen a change far greater than one could have imagined, not only the head-scratching heights is a thing with the present ones but the creativity and innovation to make these rides more attractive has become a solid idea of the present.

 Keeping that in mind, it’s very obvious that the planners for these rides are using the structure to its minimal best, which brings us to this list of top 7 rides that are inspired by video games or are themed upon video games!

The Crypt

These Rides Are Not You Ordinary Amusement Park Rides!

The Crypt is a suspended top spin flat ride that is quite popular in Doswell, Virginia. The reason for the ride being in the headlines is not only for the fun that it provides but also the fact that this ride in Kings Domain was formerly known as Tomb Raider: Firefall! The name obviously indicates the fact that the ride was inspired by the very famous franchise Tomb Raider. The theme and the décor were inspired by the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider however, was removed in 2008, the ride itself was open in 2005!

Spinball Whizzer

These Rides Are Not You Ordinary Amusement Park Rides!

This amazing ride is based on Sonic the Hedgehog! I mean, the inspiration itself is a speed-loving hedgehog, so it’s only natural to assume that this ride takes speed as a key element to provide that adrenal rush to the people taking it! It is a rollercoaster which is located in the amusement park named Adventure Land in England. The ride has been between us since 2004.

Angry Bird 4D experience

These Rides Are Not You Ordinary Amusement Park Rides!

The name makes it pretty clear. The ride is a 4D ride that basically gives you a feel of riding an actual roller coaster, and for the effects, it uses a 4D screen so that you get a proper experience by not only moving according to the ride but also seeing what is happening! The theme is inspired by the game Angry Birds, the ride is in the United Kingdom and was opened in 2014.

Planet Vs. Zombie Garden Warfare 3Z Arena

These Rides Are Not You Ordinary Amusement Park Rides!

The ride of course is based on the game Plant Vs Zombie Garden. The ride is a 3D stimulation that not only provides you the joy of riding it with visual effects but also is highly interactive! You participate in it by trying to shoot the zombie or anything that is supposed to be killed according to the game. The ride is in North Carolina, so you know where to go in order to go shoot these laser guns while on a ride!

Mass Effect: New Earth

These Rides Are Not You Ordinary Amusement Park Rides!

This 4 and a half minute ride is a full package. The ride was opened in 2016 and is located in California. The ride is an 80 seat action theatre with a 3D LED screen with 4K resolution. As the name itself suggests, the ride is based on the game Mass Effect. It is basically an action theatre but the fun it provides is worth a try for sure! The plot of this particular ride is inspired and matches the timeline of Mass Effect 3 which means you should be ready to face Tera Nova before entering this ride!

Well, most of these rides were 3D simulations but the joy they provide is worth the experience, you sure should give a try to at least one of them, if not only for the rides then at least for games for sure!

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