These Were The Most Used Emojis In 2021!

A text conversation without any emoji can often be considered boring. Of course, this does not apply to every case, but an informal text conversation becomes a hundred times more interesting with these little graphics. The number of emojis that we use is increasing day by day. Apps introduce new emojis from time to time which makes the update process a bit more exciting. These emoticons have made a special place for themselves in our conversations. So much so that it has become a category of its own. With so many emojis waiting to be used, it makes sense that people are often left with a huge variety of options. But have you ever wondered which among these many are preferred the most? We are here with the 10 most used emojis of 2021! Can you say you used one of these the most?

Crying Face

These Were The Most Used Emojis In 2021!

Believe us or not, but the crying face emoji is the most popular among the netizens! Tears and everything add the extra charm. Regardless of the emotion this emoji showcases, the emoticon itself still looks cute. It is not shocking that this emoji is on the top of this list as not only does it express sadness, but it is mainly used by people casually expressing their stressful life. Okay, that was a bit concerning. But you cannot deny that this emoji is used for a lot more things, including crying, of course. 

Laughing face with tears

The second most popular emoji is the exact opposite of the most popular emoticon. This laughing face with tears expresses a wholesome laugh. Of course, people use this one often. After all, how else are you supposed to comment and reply to the laugh-worthy memes, correct? The laughing emoji is by far the most accurate one that is mostly used for just one purpose- laughter without the fear of the world!


Sparkles is the third most commonly used emoji in 2021, and for all the right reasons. This emoji has the potential to add that extra magic to any statement. In fact, this emoji can express a lot without the need for any captions or words. Netizens often use this one to either show their love and support or to show the value of something in the most subtle manner. 

Red Heart

These Were The Most Used Emojis In 2021!

The heart emojis are probably in every other color, among which one can choose. But the one that stands out the most and is popular is the red heart emoji. The red heart emoji is too simple to understand and is by far the purest of all. The emoji, undoubtedly, express unconditional love. People use this one to show their love and concern for one another. The simplicity of this emoji is what makes it one of the best.

Pleading face

These Were The Most Used Emojis In 2021!

This adorable emoji instantly took the hearts of netizens as soon as it came out. The emoji consisted of a cute expression that looks like the person is pleading. The googly eyes with those red cheeks are what make this one an extraordinary one. After all, puppy dog-eyes never fail to charm even the toughest of people, correct? This emoji also represents the sense of care and worry. 

Tilted laughing emoji

These Were The Most Used Emojis In 2021!

The tilted laughing emoji is one of the most accurate reactions to some of the dumbest situations and jokes that people put on the internet. The tears and the titled face of this emoji give it that look that makes it a perfect laughter emoticon. It is also known as the rolling on floor laughter emoji. And by the looks and details of it, we completely agree!

Fire Emoji

How else are you supposed to express how ‘lit’ you find something on the internet? The clear answer is the fire emoji. The fire emoji express support towards the content in the most savage way. Netizens love to use this emoji for almost all varieties of content. The best part is that this emoji fits every situation and is a straight way of saying “on fire!”.

Heart-shaped eye emoji

This emoticon is pretty obvious and staring forward. Heart-shaped eye emoji with a smile conveys love and support. It also means that the people are loving or liking whatever has been shared. The emoji is one of the most used for a reason, after all. It also showcases obsession in the most positive manner. All in all, this emoji is one of the most adorable ones!

Smiling face with hearts

These Were The Most Used Emojis In 2021!

Another lovable emoji on this list is the smiley face with hearts emoji. This emoji conveys the feeling of being loved in the purest of its forms. The netizens use this emoji to show their happiness mixed with admiration over something. The emoji is a perfect face that you make to show your affection. Of course, there are no hearts on your face in real life, but the message is the same!

Folded Hands

The folded hands emoji is in the tenth position on this list. This emoji is quite easy to understand and fits a situation where people are either thanking or are requesting. This one falls to a more mature side of the emoji-verse. If paired with a face that suits your emotion, it can actually become a very impactful form of massage without words!

These are the most used emojis on the internet in 2021! So which one of these is your favorite? Or do you think that there is some other emoji that deserves a place among them?

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