Top 5 Strategy Games For PC You Need To Play Now

Apparently the whole genre of strategy games goes right back to when ancient civilisation thrived in existence – Rome, the Levant, and perhaps even India. Some have stood the test of time, to become modern-day favourites, like chess. The others, perished, long forgotten, like Mancala. Either way, contemporary game developers have ushered in more than enough choices when it comes to playing strategy games. Be it on gaming consoles, or PC. Here are the top 5 strategy games on PC. And while the jury is still out on whether PUBG is a strategy game, here’s no spot we’ve left for the contentious game anyway. So. 

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Strategy Games

For all the history buffs, who like to throw in gaming every once in a while. Based in 190 CE China, the game is set against backdrop where the state calls for a new emperor. All in the hope of getting a new shot at life, amongst a fractured state of being. Players get to choose from a cast of 12 warlords to navigate the game terrain. Get going at setting up an empire, dealing with military, technological, political, and economic challenges. 

Offworld Trading Company

Offworld Trading Company

It’ll take us a while I believe before we can visit Mars for a weekend getaway. And while Mars heads towards becoming the next holiday destination, why not virtually gear up for it? This game plays on a narrative we all know too well these days – corporate titans fighting each other for their piece of the pie. Only this time, the pie is the newly colonised planet of Mars. Gamers get to fight competitors to dish out their unique traits and abilities, all in their bid to dominate the red planet. 


Pendragon Strategy Games

Brought to you by the makers of award winning games 80 DAYS and Heaven’s Vault. Another epic saga for a storyline, the narrative with this game really changes because of the fact that there’s no black and white rule. Each move you make, no matter how unpredictable or varied, will decide the future of the game. Go figure!

Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III Strategy Games

A sequel to one of the more popular strategy games to have graced one too many gaming nights. This historical strategy game needs gamers to choose a royal or noble house from a map that stretches as wide and far as Iceland to India, from the Arctic Circle to Central Africa. Guide a dynasty through the ages, groom the new generation, convince religious powers to jump on your side and what not. All the drama and excitement of the Middle Ages. 

Total War: Warhammer 2

Total War: Warhammer 2 Strategy Games

No matter how many times we mention that you need to build an empire in these games, it doesn’t get stale does it? This entry on our list stays true to legacy and brings you another empire building game.  Choose from four warring factions and launch a campaign in defense of the faction. Either to save the world, or destroy it. Easy- peasy. But while the first half of the campaign is an open-world saga, the other needs you to plot yourself amidst real-time battles across the New World. Multiplayer, with an entire army of your own. 

Liked the list? We got you covered with others gaming choices too!

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