5 Fun Facts About Diet And Fitness That Might Sound Absurd

Staying active and conscious about your nutrition and physical fitness is good for your health. There would be many fun and interesting diets and fitness that you can make an integral part of our daily routine. Sticking onto a healthy diet and proper exercise routine would always work for you. There are several facts about diet and fitness that have been proven to bring improvement in your health and lifestyle. Some of the facts about the health of men and women would sound fun and interesting to you. 

Diet And Fitness

Here are 5 fun health facts based on diet and exercise that will also help you maintain a happy and healthy self.

Larger Fork Leads To Less Eating

Diet And Fitness

Researchers found that taking bigger bites leads to eating less in certain circumstances. A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research observed eating behaviour in an Italian restaurant where diners were given either a larger or a smaller form in order and served either larger or smaller portions. The researchers discovered that the diners who used larger forks at less and those with a smaller fork at more. Also, diners who had a larger quantity of food ate more than those who were served small servings.

Only Doing Crunches Will Not Help Eliminate Belly Fat

Diet And Fitness

Abdominal exercises such as crunches or sit-ups can help the belly appear more toned and flatter, but do not specifically burn belly fat. Doing several reps of daily crunches can not only be a waste of time and effort but can also cause lower back pain, forward head posture and slouching shoulders. The Reverse Crunch doesn’t cause these problems, but it is just a myth that it can bring spot reduction. The best way to reduce abdominal fat is by reducing overall body fat is by doing a combination of cardio and strength training.

Eating Junk Food During Pregnancy

A new rat study report in The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal states that pregnant mothers who consumed high-sugar and high-fat diets had babies who were likely to prefer high fat and sugar diets. The study involved two groups of rats that, during pregnancy and lactation, were fed either standard ‘rat chow’ or junk food diet high in fat and sugar. The study found that mothers fed with junk food diet had babies with higher levels of the receptor for opioids after they were weaned. These pups preferred to eat more of the fatty foods than the pups whose mothers ate the standard rat chow. The finding backs that infants whose mothers eat excessive amounts of junk food that are high in fat and sugar when pregnant or breastfeeding are likely to choose these foods later in life.

Boosting Your Calorie IQ To Controlling Weight

Diet And Fitness

One of the best ways to control your weight is by staying focused on your Calorie IQ. All you should do is to track your food and drink consumption on a mobile app or using pen and paper. This is a proven and effective method being a calorie connoisseur for keeping weight off. The method is quite amazing as it gives you faster and easy control over your calorie intake. This will help you to reduce the calorie intake, as well as to burn more calories through physical activities. An effective way of creating a 500-calorie daily deficit is by inculcating diet and exercise in your Calorie IQ.

Exercise Gives More Energy, Even When You’re Tired

Diet And Fitness

Though it sounds counter-intuitive, exercise can give you more energy even when you are tired. It will also ensure you with less fatigue in the long run. As you continue doing exercises, your body will need more resources to create energy, so energy production will be high thus preventing you from feeling tired, fatigued, and unmotivated. Running is one of the best exercises that benefits in boosting your energy. Running will let you experience “runner’s high”, a feeling that comes from a sense of euphoria that is caused when your body releases a group of hormones called endorphins. Running also increases the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout your body, which results in increased energy.

An optimistic mind is an influential factor that contributes to the health and longevity of a person as it tends them to focus on a healthy diet and exercise routine. This makes for a great reason for you to look on the brighter side of life so that it can benefit your overall health and live longer. Studies have found that being an optimist will benefit the overall health and help you live longer. Optimistic people who also have a healthy heart can even ward off diseases. A study by scientists at Harvard and Boston Universities found that optimists will have fewer chances of lower blood pressure, which reduces their risk of coronary artery disease. Also read Hydration Is The Key To A Healthy Lifestyle.

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