Top 7 Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix

Comedy is one of the most loved genres in entertainment and there is a huge fan following for the popular comedy shows of all times. Netflix has an ever-expanding library of shows to feed your laughter needs. If you are expecting to watch a laugh-tracked sitcom, a more serious, single-cam series comedy Netflix shows, you have some great options. Comedy and Netflix are the best matches for you to sit back on the couch and laugh especially if you have a long day.

Here is the list of 7 best comedy series on Netflix that you can consider for the next time you feel like you need a little comedy.


Top 7 Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix

This American television sitcom created by Dan Harmon is regarded as one of the best comedy shows of the 21st century. The series starring an ensemble cast contains big and small comedies like Joel McHale, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Chevy Chase, Danny‌ Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Gillian‌ Jacobs, Jim Rash, Ken Jeong and John‌ Oliver. The show, which is an inventive, emotional act of meta-sitcom storytelling, is set in an increasingly ridiculous community college in the fictional Colorado town of Greendale and follows the misadventures of odd-ensemble students. The show will grab your hearts with its fun-packed and weird genre-bending meta-narratives. All the six seasons of the show can be found on Netflix so it’s the perfect time to catch up. The show is regarded as one of the most heart-touching shows with the highest laugh-a-minute payoff in comedy TV.

New Girl

Top 7 Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix

The American television sitcom, created by Elizabeth Meriwether, is similar to Friends in one part and Happy Endings in another part. This is one of the most comfortable and funniest shows on Netflix with a combination of comedy and drama elements. The story revolves around characters in their early thirties dealing with maturing relationships and career choices. The show started as the story of an offbeat teacher, Zooey Deschanel who shares an apartment with three men in LA. The show turned into a relationship comedy similar to Friends and is a great show to watch with the improvisational style led to some off-the-cuff iconic moments.

Schitt’s Creek

Top 7 Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix

The Emmy-nominated Canadian comedy sitcom is created by Dan and Eugene Levy. The show follows the trials and tribulations of a wealthy family who are defrauded by their business manager and forced to move to Schitt’s Creek, a small town they once purchased as a joke. Schitt’s Creek is one of the most joyful shows on all of television and will feel like a less cynical Arrested Development crossed with an inverted Beverly Hillbillies. The show is an incredible combination of hilarious, witty and delightful, and has a refreshing take on pansexuality. Schitt’s Creek is anchored by a phenomenal performance by Catherine O’Hara as the family matriarch.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

Top 7 Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix

The American sketch comedy television show on Netflix created by Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin is as weird as it is unique. The show stars Tim Robinson, who also co-created, wrote and produced the show. Robinson, who is a former writer on Saturday Night Live brings his unique comic voice in a series of memorable sketches. Some of the sketches are a hit while some others will miss, but the ones that are hit are unbelievably funny. I Think You Should Leave can be easily binged in a single watch by those who like their comedy bizarre, twisted, and off-kilter.

Big Mouth

Top 7 Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix

The animated Netflix original comedy sitcom, created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett, is regarded as both incredibly dirty and incredibly sweet. This Netflix comedy series takes on an unabashed look at life as an adolescent, particularly focusing on the changes that happen at the onset of puberty. The show which discusses taboo subjects that are relatable to all pre-teens at some point in their lives is wildly colourful, inventive, and genuinely informative. The show is one of the good comedy shows on Netflix and is worth some frank discussions about the human body and sexuality between parents and youngsters.


Top 7 Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix

The American comedy-drama web television series, created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, has an original premise compared to its contemporaries on Netflix. The series is based on the fledgling professional wrestling promotion called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling in the 1980s. The show chronicles the life of aspiring actresses and generally, women trying their luck in the audition and agreeing to take a stab at a new field. Season 1 of the series is delightful and Season 2 became one of the best seasons ever of a Netflix TV show. The show is wildly entertaining with a bangin’ 80s soundtrack and purely joyous, focused and character-rich story.

The Good Place

Top 7 Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix

The American fantasy-comedy television series, created by Michael Schur, is philosophically deep and filled with humour. The Good Place is set in an afterlife where Eleanor Shellstrop, a deceased woman, who lived a selfish and spiteful life, is brought to the “good place” by mistake. She seeks the help of her soulmate Chidi to become a better person, as the show takes us through the flashbacks of her life and the lives of those around her. The show is a genius combination of sweet, brilliant and funny that you should watch as soon as possible. The show stands out with its exceptional writing, acting, originality, setting, and tone.

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