Top Gaming Chairs For Gamers

Many of us have experienced post-gaming soreness firsthand. While we all love playing for hours, a stiff neck and aching back after a great CS:GO session can be a mood-breaker. This is where gaming chairs come in.

Designed especially for extended usage, you will find that these chairs have thicker cushions and a better lumbar and head support. Yesz even when you’re reclined. And they’re not all-play and no-work. They can be used for varied purposes and fare well with all. 

An ergonomic gaming chair can truly refine your experience and be a game changer.  Well, really. 

We have rounded up the 7 best gaming chairs available in the market right now. Read through to find your fit. 

Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair

Price; $1795

Top Gaming Chairs For Gamers

The Herman Mier × Logitech G Embody gaming chair is the beast of today. Developed with the help of 30 physicians to focus on good posture, this chair offers a warranty of 12 years. If you can afford it, that is. 

The price tag might be a buzzkill for some, but this piece makes sure to give you an optimum experience, reassuring you every time you rest on it that it was worth it, after all. 

The pixelated support helps distribute your weight evenly. How? The dynamic matrix of these pixels help the chair’s seat and back surface detect and conform to your body’s micro movements, constantly distributing your weight evenly, and protecting you from collapsing. This allows continuous circulation and improves your focus. 

Made of up to 97% recyclable materials, this gaming chair really pushes what’s normal, and its appearance transports you to a premium gaming environment!

Buy it here.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series 

Price: $499-$949

Top Gaming Chairs For Gamers

If you ever have looked for a gaming chair, you know that Secretlab rules this market. The best combination of purpose and price, Secretlab’s newest addition uses memory foam and offers increased support. The materials used make this pick extremely durable and comfortable. 

This chair comes in three sizes – all having the same features – made to fit a wider audience. 

One of the best features of the Titan Evo 2022 is that its lumbar support comes with a pair of adjustable dials, and can automatically adjust to your position. The 4D armrests attach magnetically and the head/neck pillow made using memory foam is also magnetic.

This chair comes in three materials: hybrid leatherette, starting for $499; softweave, starting at $519; and NAPA leather, starting at $919.

Buy it here.

Mavix M9

Price: $1099

Top Gaming Chairs For Gamers

Possibly the most comfortable chair today, the Mavix M9 gaming chair is worth every penny you spend on it. This brand, though is a fresher, seems very promising from the select products it has released in the market. 

The Mavix M9 resembles a high-end ergonomic office chair, but don’t be fooled. The back of the chair has a 2-piece design with a backrest that gets wider as it rises. 

The best part? The seat is covered with M breeze fabric by Macix, and filled with cool-gel memory foam that helps keep your bottom cozy through extended sessions. 

The backrest of this chair can recline up to 127°, there’s no denying that this piece is highly adjustable. You can also keep your legs comfortable and sciatica-free with seat-depth customisation that Mavix offers. 

The wheels are styled like roller-blades for a smooth, smooth roll and the armrests are 4D.

The mere number of customisations M9 offers makes it one of the best gaming chairs in the market today!

Buy it here.

Respawn Specter 

Price: $319

Top Gaming Chairs For Gamers

The Respawn Specter chair can easily pass for an office chair. The ergonomic, no-flash design goes well in offices and is extremely comfortable for both work and play. 

Made using elastic mesh material, the curved cushions of this pick give your legs a rest from the stress and keep circulation steady.  The three-piece back rest has proven to give otherworldly lumbar, neck and head support. 

This is a great option for all those who fight to adjust into their ergonomic chairs – the headrest can be adjusted to your height!

Assembling this chair is a kid’s game, so it will save you a lot of time. The only negative we can find here is that it does not recline too far back. 

Buy it here.

Noblechairs Icon

Price: $419-$489

Top Gaming Chairs For Gamers

Buy Noblechairs ICON and your back will thank you for years to come. The backrest of this work-and-play chair is sleek, and the cold foam cushioning contours to your back to let you sit comfortably for long hours. 

This everyday chair can recline back upto 130°, so expect an extra comfortable gaming, studying or working session. The cushions only make it better!

The chair can be customized in many ways, the primary color being black. 

Buy it here.

Corsair T2 Road Warrior 

Price: $389

Top Gaming Chairs For Gamers

Who doesn’t know Corsair? This company has made nearly everything related to gaming – PCs, headsets – you name it. 

Corsair’s comfortable T2 Road Warrior has an ample seat cushion with adjustable cushions on the neck and back. This chair can recline up to 170° – something not many gaming chairs out there can do. Add adjustable height to the mix, and you have the perfect fit for your budget. The design may not be from the future, but it’s elegant, and this chair will offer you a great gaming experience. 

Buy it here.

Homall S-Racer 

Price:  $119

Top Gaming Chairs For Gamers

On a budget, but also tired of soreness due to gaming? Count on Homall S-Racer to fit all your needs while fitting into your budget. This chair is under $200 – working a few extra shifts can get you this piece known for its comfort×style. 

The Homall S-Racer can recline fully, rocks greatly and has an adjustable lumbar cushion to keep your spine at ease. You can pick from many, many colors and this chair will last you a few good years. 

Buy it here.

Which of these chairs are you considering getting? Tell us in the comments below!

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