Cyber Goth Lifestyle: Everything You Need To Know

Word Games Workshop used the term “cyber goth” in the 1980s for their role-playing game “Dark Future.” The subculture of cyber goth blends aspects of industrial aesthetics with a style associated with “Gothic ravers.” Being a Cyber Goth entails straddling the line between Goth, Raver, and Rivethead. This line distinguishes all of the subtle and not-so-subtle distinctions. Cyber Goths are more severe in terms of clothes, music, and style than other Goths. The main traits of Cybergoths indicate a certain attitude on the world. Cybergoths enjoy techno/dance or industrial music (bands like Rammstein, Asphyxia, or Angelspit), and they are fascinated by technology, the internet, and cyber reality.

Cyber Goth Lifestyle: Everything You Need To Know
Wikimedia Commons/Vernon Putman

Cybergoths, like traditional Goths, do not rely solely on traditional gothic attire, skull apparel, and skull accessories such as skull bracelets, skull rings, skull pendants, and skull earrings. Cybergoths have a sophisticated aesthetic and a futuristic outlook. They are sometimes referred to as “goths of the future” because of their futuristic attitude. Being a cybergoth takes a lot of money, time, and effort. To be a part of this culture, you must be dedicated and make a significant commitment. Make sure to conduct some research if you want to purchase the right present for your cybergoth buddy. The style has become much too prevalent among Goths in recent years. 

The Music

Cybergoths do not listen to music that typical goths do, and traditional goths distinguish themselves from cybergoths mostly through music. Cybergoths are influenced by rave culture, rivethead culture, and even a small amount of trance music (in some parts of Europe), but they are not drawn to punk and associated genres like typical goths. They prefer electronic genres such as EBM (Electronic Body Music), Aggrotech, Future Pop, Synth Pop, Powernoise, Industrial, and Industrial Dance Music. This music is not just heard by cybergoths, but also by people from other subcultures.

The Fashion

Cyber Goth style is distinguished by the use of certain colors and materials, as well as a unique approach to cosmetics and the necessary, easily identifiable – goggles. The primary colors are black or white with one additional color.

Cyber Goth fashion generally strives for a phony or overly styled appearance. Because every cybergoth aspires for individuality and a do-it-yourself, do-what-you-want style, the use of plainly non-organic or inappropriate materials is widespread. A little bit of attention to detail goes a long way, and the DIY approach keeps the style renewable and rich.

Cyber Goth Lifestyle: Everything You Need To Know
Wikimedia Commons/greyloch

Cyber falls, sometimes known as cyberlocks, are an important component of cybergoth attire. These are synthetic dreads or extensions constructed of tubed crin (most often), as well as neon or UV threads, wool, beads, and other materials.

It’s critical to emphasize the style’s androgyny. It has its roots in the dystopian concept that gender distinctions no longer matter, as well as the utopian notion that gender equality is not only attainable, but has already been accomplished.

The Makeup

Cyber Goth makeup, like cybergoth attire, is more vivid and flamboyant than that of the general Goth population. It also has UV-reactive colors and prefers fluorescent lighting. Often, the patterns are more patterned and simpler. Lines on the bridge of the nose or across the cheekbones are all too frequent. There will also be cyber goth makeup that can only be seen under black lighting. You can select light makeup to have a pale-faced makeup, which is frequently the standard.

Cyber Goth Lifestyle: Everything You Need To Know
Wikimedia Commons/Dasklubar

Fashion, aesthetic, vivid colors, and music have long been linked with cybergoth culture. The majority of cybergoths prefer blue, green, and pink cosmetics.

The Decline of the Subculture

It thrives on events, much like any other alternative subculture. Nothing has transpired in the previous several years. There have been setbacks throughout the epidemic, owing primarily to how public gatherings for these events are what keeps them up with the culture.

Cyber Goth Lifestyle: Everything You Need To Know
Wikimedia Commons/BachillerCS

The issue also arises as to whether there is a global network of cybergoths where individuals may meet, chat, swap music, and so on.

Hopefully, with the addition of additional events in the near future, the cybergoth subculture will be able to grow once again. Don’t be shocked if this becomes a fad 20 years hence as a way of life that incorporates aspects from the future!

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