Weird Place Names In The UK That Are Downright Rude

How hard do you think naming a town is? It is clearly important – people will be stuck with the given names on their legal documents for a long period. But does that make the naming thing an utterly serious matter? Seems like it. But there are a few names that will compel you to think otherwise. And we are specifically pointing our fingers towards the UK at this moment. You might not believe that these are real names of places. What were they thinking!?!? For some reason, the UK has these places with either weird names or ones that are downright disrespectful. Be prepared, now. These are 10 rude, offensive and weird place names in the UK!

Weird Place Names In The UK That Are Downright Rude

The winner of rude place names is… Bitchfield

Of course, the first name on the list of weird place names is Bitchfield. Do we even need to elaborate on why this name is on the top? However, the original name was, of course, different. In fact, the thing changed with time and eventually became Bitchfield. But wow, the transition was surely shocking. The original name of the place was Billesfelt. It was actually an open land of a man called Bill. However, people surely had something else in their minds. 


The second name on the list is equally bizarre. A true competitor to our first entry, isn’t it? Well, the place is a small village and is in a hilly area. The spelling changed from Coccs to Cocks with time. The term came from the old English that is heaps or hillocks. What is up with people changing the name, meaning, pronunciation on a whole different level?

Lower Swell

One more name that sounds disrespectful to the whole place, a worthy contestant for this article. It is a Gloucestershire village. The name has a fair-minded theory behind it. The place is in a hilly area. Specifically, to the down of the hill. And according to the old English, the word swell somewhat explains the meaning for a hilly area on a foothill. Of course, no one knew that the thing would sound so bizarre in this era. 


Another one that tops the chart for weird place names, The type that will make other people think that you are messing with them when they ask you where you live. Netherthong is a Yorkshire village, and the name might be bizarre, but it is easy to understand the reason behind it. Nether means lower, and Thong means a thin strip. Hence, a thin strip of land on the lower ground. 


The names are surely getting kinkier. But this one has a proper meaning behind it. According to the theories, the name is derived from an Old Norse term- valet-vangr. The term means a field that is used for legal actions. Maybe this was the reason. However, the name changed only a bit which eventually became Wetwang. There is one more theory, according to which it was named wet for being a wetland! 


What did we just say about the names getting kinkier? And our theory is getting stronger with every new name on this list of weird place names. The theory behind this name is a bit broad. It is believed that the ‘ing’ in the name was more about belonging to a location or a person. The ‘hoh’ or ‘hoe’ is more direct, as it may refer to the heel of the land. The ‘finger’ might be for the complex river system. And, surprisingly, when put together, it means- people of the finger of land, who live on the heel of the river.


Shitterton is quite literally the same as it sounds. Yes, believe us or not, but the town was near an open sewage system which led to the same. However, of course, this was not the first choice for the town’s name. The term is derived from an old English word ‘scitere’, which means open sewer. The ‘ton’ is more of a modern name for the town. Hence, this one is pretty close to what it really meant!

Sheepy Magna or Sheepy Parva

The name is a bit weird, but it makes the most sense in other languages. The term ‘sheepy’ is for sheep. While ‘magna’ and ‘parva’ mean big and small. The land was assumed to have a strong history related to sheep farming. Hence, the name Sheepy Manga and Sheepy Parva. Since we know the meaning now, the names seem obvious.

The River Piddle and the Piddle Valley

The name is Piddlehinton, and the meaning was derived from a combination of a few words. The village was close to the River Piddle. And the families who lived near the river were associated with living near this river. The term ‘pudd’ is a combination of the old English word for marsh, fen, or ditch. The name is about the geographical area and the people living near it. Basically, it means the farm of the family by the river. 

Nether Wallop

One more weird name that will make much more sense as soon as you decode or break its meaning. The term ‘wallop’ is a combination of the terms- waella and hop. Waella means stream, and Hop is a word for valley. Hence, Wallop. White for Nether, as told in the previous point, means lower. The full meaning that this name means is a lower village in the valley with the spring. 

So, these were some really weird place names in the UK that we never knew were real until now. What do you think of these names? Would you like to live in a town with names like these?

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