What Is Bohemianism , And How Can You Follow It?

‘Bohemian’ was a term originally used with a pejorative intent to refer to Roma (gypsies) – it was believed by the French that the Roma had originated from Bohemia. The Oxford dictionary, though, defines ‘Bohemian’ as someone, especially an artist, actor or literary person who leads a free, vagabond or an irregular life. Soon the connotation became romantic, as was the meaning. Gypsy clothes became a fashion trend, but bohemianism was different from the gypsy lifestyle. While the latter is a political movement, the former is aesthetic. Artists and poets from Baudelaire to Van Gogh represented bohemian ideals. The Romantic movement of the 19th Century infused the bohemians with a quasi-religious sense of purpose. 

What Is Bohemianism, And How Can You Follow It?

Although the birth has French roots, the bohemian culture spread across various countries and cultures. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the aesthetic movement of 19th Century Britain infused bohemianism with a dashing and dangerous status.

What Is Bohemianism, And How Can You Follow It?

Bohemians were mostly urban and supported liberalism. The followers were extremely creative and had their own desires. They criticized organized religions and defied the narrowing of hearth, home and the toxic morality that comes along with it. It is believed that bohemianism is a personal, cultural and social reaction to the lifestyle of bourgeois. When the bourgeois lifestyle came to an end, bohemianism also started to vanish and decline. But it still is present today, and thrives in the hearts of its followers. This day, bohemianism is more than a style of the needy; it is a trend that will never get old or die. 

Want to follow a Boho lifestyle? 

Clothing  in Bohemianism

What Is Bohemianism, And How Can You Follow It?

The classic bohemian look starts with oversized clothes. Long floating skirts, baggy cardigans, kaftans and tunic style blouses with bat sleeves will produce the typical yet fashionable and comfortable bohemian look.


What Is Bohemianism, And How Can You Follow It?

Footwears are a very important element that add life to your bohemian look. Your shade should be preferably based on natural colors like browns and grays. The popular footwear types of bohemianism are platform heels, sandals, low cowboy boots and ankle boots.

The colours of bohemianism 

What Is Bohemianism, And How Can You Follow It?

The bohemian lifestyle is purely based on the colors. The color palettes range from light neutral tones to dark muddy shades like deep browns. It is all about getting the perfect color balance with your bohemian look. The best way to achieve that is through pairing your colorful bright shades with neutral shades.

Accessories for the Boho newbie

What Is Bohemianism, And How Can You Follow It?

The Bohemian lifestyle offers a wide variety of accessories ranging from embroideries and  decorative trims to ethnic prints. You can even opt for bell-bottoms, balloon styled or trumpet style sleeves. The Bohemian lifestyle is only complete when there’s a rattan clutch bag. You can add wide varieties of elements to your bag. 

Boho aesthetics 

Bohemianism is all about self expression and satisfaction. Creativity is above all other qualities. Bohos even support the concept of quitting your job, leaving your city to settle in a tiny studio apartment to satisfy your artistic passions. They strongly believe in self expression through many forms like drawing, dancing, songwriting, etc. 

The pillars of Bohemianism 

Bohemians reject materialism. They hold self expression, relationships and mental health above any materials or physical possessions.VThe Bohemian lifestyle is solely for your comfort and being true to yourself. Make decisions that completely satisfy you and bring you peace. Do not stick to the strict rules of society, and think out of the box without feeling any fear.

To be a true Boho, live in the moment, with nature. 

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