What Is The New Tooth Tattooing Trend?

You may be planning to get one, or already have your body inked with your favourite design. But have you heard about tooth art, teeth tattooing, if we are being literal, which is becoming increasingly popular? Getting your teeth tattooed is now a viral trend all over the world – especially in the USA, were many tattoo parlours and dentist clinics have speialisation in this trend!

What Is The New Tooth Tattooing Trend?
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Dentists say that there is a rising interest in tooth art. People view it as a new way to adorn themselves and express their individuality. The time and the cost it takes for a dental tattoo are  also surprisingly less than what it would take to have a crown fitted after you get a root canal treatment. 

The first commercial dental tattoo was observed 20 years ago in Bloomfield, Connecticut when the customer got the image of a Corvette added to the crown. This is not to say that cultures around the world haven’t been getting their teeth tattooed for ages. but now? Dental tattooing seems to be actually taking off as a fashion trend, especially among teens. Here is everything you need to know about dental tattooing.

Toooh tattooing – what is it?

Dental tattoos can be either temporary or permanent. Temporary teeth tattooing involves miniature artwork templates being glued to the desired tooth in about fifteen minutes. In permanent dental tattooing, the design is drilled on the tooth over several hours. Nowadays, instant dental decals are also available online. They can be stuck on to the surface of the tooth by the user themself, and they can last for about 24 hours.

Permanent tooth tattoos require more time and cost than temporary tooth tattoos, but the artwork won’t be removed or brushed away. People getting a dental crown will have the option of getting the chosen design carved directly  onto the crown at the dental lab, and then baked in an oven to make it last the life of the crown.

Dentists as artists

With the gaining popularity of tooth tattooing among teens in countries like India, many dentists have also become artists by creating custom dental tattoo designs like butterflies, skulls and hearts, or more intricate designs including historic figures or miniature portraits.

Now you are probably wondering whether it hurts to get a dental tattoo. Unlike body tattoos and getting your tooth drilled to fill a cavity, tooth tattoos aren’t painful at all.

So tell us, are you ready to get a tooth tattoo, a dental imprint? Share your answers in the comments below!

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