Which Game From ‘Squid Game’ Would You Survive? Find Out Now!

South Korean survival drama ‘Squid Game’ got astonishingly popular in 2021 for its amazing storyline. Twists, coupled with a whole lot of thrilling violence helped the show become a hot topic among its viewers. And it also made us wonder which game we would survive, and we are pretty sure you guys did, too. So as to find out the answer to this question, we have come up with an amazing quiz which will help you determine which game you would survive. Attempt this fun quiz now and FIND OUT the game that will clear your debt!

  1. 1 Which colour would you choose?

    1. Green
    2. Black
    3. Red
    4. Yellow
    5. Dark Blue
    6. White
  2. 2 Which is your favourite show?

    1. Lucifer
    2. The Umbrella Academy
    3. Elite
    4. Riverdale
    5. Money Heist
    6. Peaky Blinders
  3. 3 Who is your alter ego?

    1. Kang Sae-byeok
    2. Cho Sang-Woo
    3. Abdul Ali
    4. Han Mi-nyeo
    5. Ji-yeong
    6. Jang Deok-su
  4. 4 What movie title best describes your life?

    1. The good, the bad and the ugly.
    2. Dazed and confused
    3. Insomnia
    4. Beautiful boy
    5. Unemployed
    6. Dead End
  5. 5 What's your theme song?

    1. Complicated – Avril Lavigne
    2. Sit still, Look pretty – Daya
    3. ME! – Taylor Swift
    4. Heat Waves – Glass Animals
    5. Happier than ever – Billie Eillish
    6. All too well – Taylor Swift
  6. 6 What are you most likely to eat after a stressful day?

    1. Cookies
    2. Pasta
    3. Pizza
    4. Soup
    5. Salad
    6. Burger
  7. 7 What is your favourite thing to drink?

    1. Coke
    2. Breezer
    3. Red Wine
    4. Beer
    5. Orange Juice.
    6. Milk
  8. 8 What is your favourite way to travel?

    1. By train
    2. By air
    3. By bus
    4. By cab
    5. Riding a bike
    6. On foot

Which Game From 'Squid Game' Would You Survive? Find Out Now!

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  1. Quiz result

    Red Light, Green Light

    This is sad. You might only survive the first round. You most probably need practice and also to watch the show a second time. And while you watch this amazing show the second time, don't forget that you are one in a million and that your positive light reflects on everyone. So keep going with a smile and positive energy will always find you!

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  2. Quiz result

    Tug of War

    Congratulations, you would most definitely survive till the third round! Surviving this far is not a joke; to keep living life like a brave person everyday is not a joke either. So, we are proud of you for getting up everyday and grinding through life. Keep living like the survivor you are and happiness will always find you even on the gloomiest of days!

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  3. Quiz result


    Sorry, but it doesn't look like you would go very far in the game. You might only survive till the second round. No worries, in your actual life though. Looks like you will be going places!

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  4. Quiz result

    The Glass Tile Game

    Woohoo! You would survive till the Glass Tile Game. Now, isn't that an accomplishment? This only shows that you as a person have amazing survival qualities, are strong-headed and are very determined to achieve your goal

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  5. Quiz result


    Looks like you would go quite far in the game. You show all the capabilities to survive the fourth round! Now isn't that something?! You reaching this far only shows all the good qualities you possess like how humble, kind and determined human being you are. And that you can always achieve the tasks you are assigned to on time!

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  6. Quiz result

    Squid Game

    Most congratulations to YOU! You would most definitely survive all the games. This only potrayed how amazing your character is. Not only fo you possess all the winninv qualities, you are also a level- headed and hardworking person. It also looks like amazing and good things are waiting for you in your life. So keep grinding and keep achieving!

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