Which Stephen King Book World Do You Belong In?

Stephen King. The ‘King of Horror’. Need I say more? I don’t, but I will because words fall short of appreciating his marvelous works. He is everyone’s favorite author of horror, supernatural
fiction, suspense, crime, science-fiction, and fantasy novels, and an astounding number of his stories have been converted into blockbuster movies. Case in point? IT, The Shawshank Redemption, Carrie, The Shining- these are some of the films that have successfully adapted the bone-chilling freakishness of King’s writings.

There is something so unrestrained, primal, and yet realistic in the way Stephen King pens down his horror stories, that you can’t help but imagine such a world around you. Of course, it would be a terrifying experience, but let’s find out which Stephen King book you might feature as a character in if it were to happen.

  1. 1 Let's start off simple. Pick a beverage-

    1. Fruit Juice
    2. Soda
    3. Coffee
  2. 2 Which of these words describes you best?

    1. Anxious
    2. Protective
    3. Loyal
  3. 3 If you were stuck in a horror scenario, what would it be?

    1. A zombie apocalypse
    2. The government chasing you down, dead or alive
    3. A terrifying, all-powerful demon trying to destroy your town
  4. 4 Which of these would be your best fighting options?

    1. Teamwork, creativity, and determination
    2. Guns and weapons
    3. Telekinesis
  5. 5 Which of these are you way too attached too?

    1. My family
    2. My happy memories
    3. My phone
  6. 6 What is your attitude towards animals?

    1. I love animals! I play with them all the time
    2. I’d rather stay away from animals
    3. I like animals but am worried that I might hurt them
  7. 7 Choose a house from the ones below-

  8. 8 If you were in a conflict scenario, would you be a lone wolf or a team-player?

    1. I can’t trust everyone easily, so I’m used to fighting on my own
    2. I don’t really care, but more people means more weapons, so it would be technically beneficial
    3. I absolutely need my team to succeed in a desperate situation
  9. 9 Which of these activities would you rather be doing?

    1. Sleeping
    2. Drawing and Writing
    3. Hanging out with your friends
  10. 10 How much of a trouble maker are you?

    1. Not at all, in fact, I have to get others out of trouble
    2. Honestly, I tend to go looking for trouble
    3. I try my best to stay under the radar and not make any trouble

Which Stephen King Book World Do You Belong In?

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  1. Quiz result


    Firestarter is a horror and tragic story at the same time. It features a father who is on the run to protect his daughter and himself from a government organization called 'The Shop', who are hunting the two down because of their dangerous telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers. I feel like you too have an element of sadness and pain in your life, and despite being innocent you sometimes face unfair situations. You are probably a shy, solitary person who often worries about losing control of your emotions but it all stems from a pure and genuine soul! Aww!

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  2. Quiz result


    This one doesn't even need an introduction. It is a story of an ancient shape-shifting monster that feeds on the fear of children, generally appears as a clown, and is fought by a group of 7 very daring, weird kids. Right off the bat, your friends and their love & safety mean the world to you. You and your gang might be trouble-seekers due to your unrestrained kind of personality, but you believe in sticking together with your group, staying determined, and conquering your biggest fears if that's what it takes to save everyone. Your imagination allows you to come up with creative solutions for new problems. Good for you, because it will take nothing less than this to defeat the powerful Pennywise.

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    True to King’s ‘typical horror yet atypical explanations’ writing style, the story seems like regular horror, what with a zombie apocalypse and a band of survivors fighting through it, but it has a delicious dash of psychological mystery. You share some characteristics with the protagonist of the story, Clayton Riddell, a graphic novelist whose sole purpose is to find and protect his son amid all the death and chaos. I'd say you are a serious, focused person who probably faces a bunch of stress in life. Hang in there, buddy!

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