7 Wholesome Facts About Animals That Will Make You Go ‘UwU’

We’re so grateful to God for giving us our lovely friends in the animal kingdom, right? I mean, sure, humans are pretty great too but we’d get so bored if we were the only species on earth! This is why simple activities and habits that we don’t expect animals to perform come across as extremely adorable and heartwarming. It seems to give emotional meaning to their actions and if that doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then I don’t know what will. Read on to discover animal facts that will give you your daily dose of serotonin.

You Might Be A Frequent Visitor In Your Dog’s Dreams

7 Wholesome Facts About Animals That Will Make You Go ‘UwU’
Wikimedia Commons/ Eugene0126jp

It’s not uncommon for you to have a pleasant dream about your adorable pets and their antics, but did you know that the same goes for your dog? A dog who can become attuned to your emotions and accompany you in difficult times can also dream about playing with you, showering you with love, and getting lots of pets, kisses, and treats from you! A psychologist from Harvard Medical School has confirmed that just like humans, dogs also tend to dream about things that they’re interested in during their wakefulness. So if you and your dog share a special bond, then you occupy their dreams too!

Cows Too Say- “Best Friends Forever!”

7 Wholesome Facts About Animals That Will Make You Go ‘UwU’
Wikimedia Commons/ Kaptain

When you look at a herd of cows, you would think that they are just mindless animals, huddling together with others who they don’t know as individuals but as someone who just looks like them. You’re dead wrong, buddy. Cows not only recognize each other but form friendships with those cows whom they prefer. Their affection and sense of sisterhood are really something to be admired. Just like you would sit with your best friends at lunch, cows too like to spend time eating and resting with a specific individual. Science has found that their well-being tends to increase when they’re with their friends, while panic and distress sets in if you separate them. 

A Dust Bath For The Chinchilla

7 Wholesome Facts About Animals That Will Make You Go ‘UwU’
Wikimedia Commons/ Trurl66

This adorable fluff ball is just irresistible as a pet. But because it has an incredibly dense and delicate fur coat, it cannot be allowed to take regular baths with water. This is because the fur can be hard to completely dry and the remaining moisture can lead to problems like pests or infections. Does that mean you let it be dirty? No! Instead, they “bathe” in small bowls filled with fine dust, which apparently evenly distributes the natural oils on their body, clears away dirt, and maintains the silky softness of their fur. But this bath is more of a dusty dance for this cutie pie as it rolls, kicks around, and shimmies in the dust to work it up from the tips to the roots of its fur. I know that you just conjured up this cute image in your mind, and you’re welcome. 

A Cat’s Love Language

7 Wholesome Facts About Animals That Will Make You Go ‘UwU’
Wikimedia Commons/ Tadeáš Bednarz

Cats don’t always physically express their affection like dogs do, right? But they have their own way of telling you they love you. You see, a cat’s eyes may not be the windows to its soul, but they’re definitely the windows to its heart. When a cat makes eye contact with you and then slowly blinks, it is conveying its love and trust in you. This action is called a ‘cat kiss’, which you can reciprocate with your own slow eye-blink. Cats are not the biggest fans of physical affection so this is your best shot at bonding with your furry friend!

Sea Otters And Their Rock Obsession

There’s already way too much cuteness coming from this single animal, be it bathing itself adorably, or chilling while floating in the water, or holding their friend’s hands when they sleep to avoid drifting apart. But they have a thing for tiny little rocks, too. It’s not just because they need them to open clams and mussels that they find in the sea. They juggle with these rocks all the time, and they even have a favorite rock which they store in a pouch under their forearm. It’s like saying, “This is my special baby rock and I’ll protect it!” Reminds you of your childhood, huh? Except they are 100 times cuter than any human baby!

Romance In The Sea-Horse World

7 Wholesome Facts About Animals That Will Make You Go ‘UwU’
Wikimedia Commons/ Nick Hobgood

Oh my god, forget Valentine’s Day, if you aren’t doing the sea-horse courtship dance for your partner every morning, are you even in love? Sea horses basically get married (mate for life), and perform rituals to reinforce their love! For example, they meet first thing in the morning and change color as they approach each other, after which they do a spiral dance around each other for up to an HOUR. Also, when traveling in the sea, they’re known to interlink their tails so that they don’t lose each other, kinda their version of holding hands. How cute is that?

Our Movie Star Dogs Just Cannot Keep Still!

Wikimedia Commons/ Markus Trienke

Of course, dogs keep surprising us again and again with the amount of happiness and wholesomeness they can radiate, so I had to add another dog fact. We all know that doggos wag their tails as a sign of excitement or joy. Sometimes, in movies, for example The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, it is reported that scenes featuring menacing dogs and wolves often have to be edited with a lot of visual effects. The dogs just can’t stop wagging their tails at having the attention of so many people and doing such a good job with their acting that they are CGI-d in the final productions! Honestly, we’d rather see a tail-wagging dog even if he’s supposed to seem mean and scary!

Which of these animals filled your heart with warmth and contentment? Tell us below!

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