Why Are Boxes A Cat’s Best Friend?

You love your furry friend so much that you decide to get them a gift. You spend days looking for the best possible present, finally find it after two weeks and when it’s home, you surprise your cat! Fast forward: the box is opened after a happy dance, the gift taken out excitedly and… Wait, why’s my cat sitting in the box without caring about the gift? 

We are here to solve a question all cat meowmies and pawpaws are met with – why does my cat love cardboard boxes more than it loves me?

Read on to find out why exactly cats love being in boxes.

Boxes are safe

Why Are Boxes A Cat’s Best Friend?

As a blanket to humans, so a box to cat. 

Cats consider boxes to be the possibly safest places. Imagine having a 360° view of what’s going on around you and still being out of sight. Predators can’t sneak in on them when they’re inside boxes, period.

Cats are introverts

Cats are one of the most independent species we know. They love being alone and spending time with themselves, so the comfort and solitude of an enclosed space is naturally tempting!

Boxes are medicine

A study performed at the University of Utrecht found out that cats heal better when they’re in boxes. The study focussed on shelter cats, half of whom were given boxes, the rest half being kept box-less. After some days, it was observed that boxy-cats recovered faster and adapted better to their surroundings.

Boxes help with cat-stress and catanxiety

Cats like running away from their problems, okay? So, do we, so let’s not judge the kitties. And what is a better hiding place than a random box? Moreover, cats can de-stress in boxes, relaxing and being cozy. Boxes are safe places where anxiety leaves them.

Boxes are warm and help with the zzz

Cardboard boxes are really warm and comfy. And cats sleep for around 18 hours a day. Do the math!

Cats are scientists

If the box came with something you brought home, cats would like to research and get an exact idea of the new guest. It keeps them sharp and prepares them for their new house-mate. 

They are cat toys

Why Are Boxes A Cat’s Best Friend?

Cardboard boxes have the exact texture that cats love! They’re hard enough to chew, bite and scratch, leading to a wonderful playtime experience!

Because why not?

Why should hoomans have all the fun?

Does your cat love being in boxes, too? Share with us!

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