Why Are Many Americans Choosing The Van Life?

Have you seen people who are living the Van Life? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘Van’? No, not the one that reminds us of a kidnapping scene but a much bigger one. Something like a modified RV to be exact. Many of you might think of a vacation or camping but some of you might think of van-dwelling! And guess what? You are not the only one to do that. Yes, van life or van-dwelling is replacing the traditional homes. Gone are the days when it was taken as mere transportation. A van, especially in the US has become more of a home for many!

Why Are Most Americans Choosing The Van Life?

What is Van Life?

Van Life or Van-dwelling, in very simple words, is when people start living in a van. These are modified versions of common vans. The van here tries its best to replicate the basic necessities of life like a bed, toilet, sink, kitchen, and such. Now you might be wondering ‘what about electric appliances’? Well, that’s what the solar panels and house batteries are for! This concept started way back in 2011. A photographer used the power of a hashtag and social media to start the van life movement. Little did he know that a decade later, THIS would be the thing for many. Many US citizens are choosing a van over a traditional no-wheeler house. Although the US government does not consider it as a permanent house, it is still not illegal to live in one. So, yes, Van life is taking over, the trend might be slow, but it’s there.

Why Are Most Americans Choosing The Van Life?

Why are people living in Vans?

For some, that might be the case but for the others, the American credit problem is largely at play here. Debt is not at all a new concept for anyone. The same is for the US. US citizens face a huge problem of sky-high expenses that rides all the basic expenditures. From medical bills to home loans, every aspect that a person deals with is very costly in the US. Depts from loans especially peaked after the recession. Leaving many with no option but to look for cheaper modes of living. Not that everyone is choosing a van for the same reason. But a reasonable amount of people share this financial cause behind going for van life.

Why Are Most Americans Choosing The Van Life?

Who are these people choosing the Van Life?


You must be living under a cliff if you are not aware of the Student Loan in the US. Or you might be some rich kid who needs no loan. But that does not change the fact that these loans are unbelievably high, making it hard for many kids to even complete their studies. This makes these students the perfect customer of van dwelling. Students are choosing vans over dormitories or rented apartments to save costs. This makes a lot of sense since this is much more beneficial for them. I mean, how else are they supposed to save money to pay back that scorching amount of student debt?

Debt Ridden People

Almost half the population of US is facing some kind of debt. Financial issues, unemployment, underpaid employment, overstaffing are just some of the reasons why people in the US are facing never-ending debts. With the loans above their neck, it is very obvious for these people to look for a cheaper alternative. I mean, opting for a van life is much better than going homeless, isn’t it?

Retired people who want to explore

As I said, not everyone is compelled due to financial issues. Some have simply worked hard and saved enough for a lifelong tour. Yes, retired people who want to explore the rest of their lives are also among this van life group. With no work and well-enough savings, this group is ready for some adventure. And not to forget that this is much cheaper which means more can be spent on travel. Basically, a win-win situation!

Enthusiasts who live for adventure and freedom

I mean, the whole concept of this van life was started by these people. Of course, they are also among the population who are choosing the van life. Money or no money is not the highlight here. This group is simply too adventurous to even think about finance. Their reasons are simply because a van is much more travel friendly. The amount of freedom that a van life can provide is a major bliss to these people. Hence, a van life on the top even if they are a millionaire!

So, are these people the modern-day nomads?

I mean, why not? A bunch of people living their lives in a van, who move according to their wishes and will. They value their freedom the most, and are above the traditional housing system. What I’m trying to say is, of course, they can be called modern-day nomads. Nomads are associated with freedom and adventure. So, this term will probably be a charm to them! So, fly my pretties, fly away in your vans!

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