Wake Up But Don’t Get Worked Up: Work From Home Tips

“WFH” stands for “work from home.” Thank me later, that is if you didn’t know. In other news, I have the most egregious backache. Ask me why and I’ll tell you it’s because I’m W-ingFH. I practically live in my room now. I don’t see my father for days sometimes because we’re both W-ingFH.

Wake Up But Don't Get Worked Up: Work From Home Tips

2020 has been fairly eventful. It was harsh, it was deplorable, it was a lot of things. Thanks to COVID-19, we spent an awful amount of our time staring at screens. At the onset, we were unprepared, confused but hopeful. Today we’ve succumbed, settled, and accepted. It was a rather gradual transition. It was days and weeks and months of terror. We acknowledged the convolution, and we didn’t ask questions. We just couldn’t wrap our heads around what had happened.

Wake Up But Don't Get Worked Up: Work From Home Tips

Well, for now, let’s not dawdle away from the topic though. The backache. Working from home is convenient, it’s flexible. But the unmonitored breaks and the long nights where we’re struggling to pull “all-nighters”, not very convenient. The work environment keeps us in check. I know I’d be more productive if faces around me were also half hidden by the laptop screens. But, you can always be in your boxers and have that tough presentation. On that note, here are some tips to avoid backache and general disorder while you’re working from home-

Workout regularly 

When we’re at home, there’s not just one but a grand deal of things that require our attention. While we’re busy catering to everyone’s needs, we mustn’t put our needs in the backseat. Working out regularly helps you to declutter your mind. You can dissociate from the present to welcome a sense of calm. Walking has helped me to regain my ground, organize, and compartmentalize my thoughts. Break a sweat, it is cathartic.

Wake up early

 Waking up in the AM isn’t catnip after a long Saturday night, but it’s also not the worst thing. It only gives you some extra hours to yourself and who doesn’t like that? With all that’s going on, everything demanding our attention, everything draining us out mentally and emotionally, I’d like to believe these extra hours are vital to an individual’s well being. For example, waking up at 4 am gives you 300 whole minutes before work! You can take care of so many things if you’re up and about in the AM. I’m not trying to be a killjoy but I’ve developed a predilection for this particular activity as it really helped me. So, ditch that party and wake up on a Sunday for breakfast. I promise egg and bacon will taste better.

Make a to-do list 

and stick it on our wardrobe. That to-do list is going to help with the organization. Pick a pen and paper (yes, not your mobile phone), and start writing all things requiring your attention. The point is to remember to mention everything. From laundry to everything else practically. Set a target, write your goals for the day- realistic, achievable goals. Be practical, don’t get too dreamy, I implore.

 The distractions

 This includes everything from afternoon siestas, to Instagram scrolling. Keep your phone away and try not to surrender to these diversions. The hours you spend using your phone, sleeping, eating should all be monitored, because if you don’t, you’re doing all this for absolutely nothing.

Find comfortable seating

Do not sit on your bed because you will end up with the worst backache possible. There’s a lot on your plate and if you can, create a proper work from home setup. Pick your favourite corner in the house and a solid wooden chair. Backaches are real.

Don’t eat and sleep TOO MUCH

 When we eat too much, we feel exceptionally lethargic, don’t we? When we sleep too much, you lose regulation. This will only make your day longer.

Keep your child/children involved

Children need a lot of attention and it can sometimes be a problem.

 Keep the element of fun alive

 for your employees. Organize video call meetings and have Friday night dinners together to get to know your employees better. It’s always nice to check up on people and establish goodwill.

Finally, make sure that you don’t overwork yourself. Your body didn’t sign up for this mayhem. Go easy on yourself, responsibly divide work/family hours. Overworking will only make you more miserable. The party has only started and it’ll be this way for some more time. Try to not lose your head over it, it’ll mostly fetch no results. For now, just remember to remind yourself that it won’t last forever. Also read: How To Set Up A Home Office In A Pocket Friendly Manner

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