Let Your Work Habits Reveal Your Ideal Vacation Spot!

We all have an ideal vacation destination. But the work-life can often delay those dreamy plans. These might be the opposites of each other but have you ever thought of connecting them both? Nah? Well, let’s try a fun quiz where work and vacation will be depending on each other. Or let’s say, your vacation spot will be depending on your work preferences! Yes, take this fun quiz about your work habits to know your ideal vacation spot!

  1. 1 How many hours do you work?

    1. 1 hour, cannot work more than that!
    2. 9 hours!
    3. I hate working!
    4. 5 hours!
    5. 18 hours, I am a workaholic!
    6. 12 hours!
    7. 16 hours!
    8. 2 hours!
  2. 2 Your ideal times of your break?

    1. Too long!
    2. 10 mints max!
    3. It's all the same for me!
    4. 1 hour to snoop around!
    5. 4 hours!
    6. I don't take breaks until I am done!
    7. Half hour is more than enough for me!
    8. At least 2 hours, to meet the street dogs and cats and feed them!
  3. 3 What color work desk would you prefer?

    1. Blue!
    2. Sea green!
    3. Green!
    4. Grey!
    5. White
    6. Red!
    7. Pink!
    8. Sandy!
  4. 4 If you could, which pet would you choose to bring?

    1. A fish!
    2. An Eagle
    3. An alien if I find one!
    4. The whole aquarium!
    5. Nothing!
    6. A dog!
    7. A cat!
    8. A Lion!
  5. 5 What is your favorite time pass when you don't feel like to work?

    1. Sleeping
    2. I take a walk to the washroom!
    3. Drink water!
    4. I gossip!
    5. I don't waste my time like that!
    6. Play on my phone!
    7. I eat!
    8. Video call my pets at home!
  6. 6 What is your mid-work snacks?

    1. Nothing!
    2. Sweets!
    3. Cake!
    4. Anything!
    5. Hot cup of coffee!
    6. Water!
    7. Chocolate!
    8. Cold coffee!
  7. 7 Your ideal work attire?

    1. A printed shirt!
    2. A coat!
    3. Joggers!
    4. Cargo pants
    5. Long coats
    6. Sweat shirt!
    7. Three piece suit!
    8. Printed Ts!
  8. 8 Your favorite office gossip topic!

    1. The Boss!
    2. The new person!
    3. The canteen food!
    4. Everything!
    5. I don't gossip!
    6. Salary!
    7. Office HR!
    8. I don't have time for that!
  9. 9 Your favorite theme for office party decoration!

    1. Something related to the beach!
    2. Something traditional!
    3. Something cool!
    4. Something dark!
    5. What's the occasion?
    6. Shimmery!
    7. Something warm like orange!
    8. Just let me bring my pets!
  10. 10 Favorite spot in the office!

    1. The pool!
    2. Outside!
    3. The next door cabin!
    4. Everywhere else other than my desk!
    5. My desk, of course!
    6. Near my friends!
    7. Canteen!
    8. The hallway!

Let Your Work Habits Reveal Your Ideal Vacation Spot!

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  1. Quiz result


    You are definitely a beach lover! The sound of the waves and the smell of the ocean excites you the most. Goa is surely your ideal vacation destination! We can see that seashells and starfish hunting are your favorite timepass! Without any doubt, you surely need a Goa trip!

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  2. Quiz result


    It's clearly visible that mountains are your thing! The adrenalin rush that mountains can give can be achieved nowhere else for you! You love walking and are a bit of a fitness freak! Nepal is perfect for you. The scenery and the cold are what makes you happy!

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  3. Quiz result


    Beautiful clear ocean water is what you live for! You just want to relax and live your days on a nice vacation in the Maldives! A scuba dive and some yacht trip are what excites you the most. Water is your thing!

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  4. Quiz result

    Area 51!

    You sure are the curious type. Curisity and finding the answers to everything is your driving fource! Area 51 is your ideal vacation spot even if it is off limits! You would do anything to get just one look of this place in real!

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  5. Quiz result

    A cruise to the Atlantic!

    You have no fear of cold. In fact, winter is your thing! Water is what you crave the most! A nice cruise is to the Atlantic is your ideal vacation and you can actually spend all your savings on this cruise! Watching the vastness of the sea and the sun meeting the water is what you wish to live for!

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  6. Quiz result

    Las Vegas!

    Las Vegas! we can see that you clearly have a jolly and fun personality. You live to celebrate and party. This totally makes sense that your ideal vacation spot is Las Vegas! the variety of luxury and activities that this vacation can give is what excites you the most!

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  7. Quiz result


    Romance is what drives you the most! It makes sense that your ideal vacation destination is the romantic city of Paris! You like light walks with the aroma of food all around the streets! Art is your thing making Paris the perfect spot!

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  8. Quiz result


    You love animals and wildlife! Nature excites you the most. A jungle safari in Africa is your ideal vacation trip! You love vibrant colors and beautiful cultures, making Africa the perfect stop!

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