Our Pick For 10 Best Ever Sports Anime

Sports is an emotion. The same is with anime. And when you combined them both, the result is undeniably marvellous. Weebs will agree with us because the genre of sports anime is increasing its fanbase and its standards with a godspeed. However, the sports genre still has a long way to go as far as anime is concerned. There are fewer shows under this category in comparison to others. Regardless of the number, however, each anime is no less than a masterpiece. No, they are not some baseless statements because we are simply stating facts here. The sports genre in anime has some of the best anime. They sure will compel you to try the respective sports at least once after completing the anime. It is unlikely, but if you are one of those anime lovers who are yet to explore this side of the anime verse, then this article is for you. We have picked a few sports anime that you can watch and develop your interest in this genre. We promise you will not regret it. So here are our top 10 sports anime pick that you can binge on!


This 2014 sports anime is on the top for several reasons. First of all, this anime can single-handily carry the genre with ease.

Our Pick For 10 Best Ever Sports Anime

Secondly, each character in this anime is so adorable that you simply will be obsessed with them. The anime is a peak one and has a strong fanbase that ships every character with every other character of this show. The series is all about volleyball which is shown in the most comedic yet dedicated manner. A binge-worthy anime that you should watch if you haven’t already!

Kuroko’s Basketball

This 2012 anime already has made a pretty strong and dedicated fanbase. The anime revolves around the game basketball, duh, that was obvious. The anime ended in 2015, but it also has a movie that came out in 2017.

Our Pick For 10 Best Ever Sports Anime

Of course, the show and the movie both did great. It made people go crazy for basketball even when they didn’t even know how to dribble a ball. That’s how a sports anime works, after all. The show is famous for its intensity, so if you decide to binge this one, be ready for a lot of drama.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

As in the name, the anime is heavily based on swimming. The weebs who love some fan service can also go for this one.

Our Pick For 10 Best Ever Sports Anime

But this anime is so much more than that. The show showcases some beautiful character development along with deep relations. The concept of the ever-evolving bond between the swimmers is what makes this anime more fun. You will surely enjoy the animation as well. After all, how doesn’t love to watch pretty boys swimming, correct?

Big Windup

You can binge this 2007 anime in just one day. Of course, the reason is obvious- the show is that good! But, it also is just 25 episodes long, so you can finish it in a day.

The show is about baseball and has captured the struggles and dealings of baseball players in the most accurate manner. The series is surely a must-watch!

Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa is great anime that you will love to binge on. The show will sure keep you busy with its good number of episodes.

Our Pick For 10 Best Ever Sports Anime

The anime is based on soccer and heavily brings out the importance of teamwork. The manga came out long back in 1981, but the anime series is still going on. It got a lot of updates.

Ace of Diamonds

The love for baseball in Japan is probably the second reason why this anime got so much love.

Our Pick For 10 Best Ever Sports Anime

The first reason for its popularity is, of course, the anime itself. This anime is so good that you will go crazy over this sport and the characters of the show. The show has 126 episodes and 5 OVAs. So, yes, there is a lot to watch here. The sound effects are something that got the most love from the viewers. The series is surely a must-watch!

Yowamshi Pedal

Maybe you already got a strong hint about the sport of this anime, correct? No? Well, the name makes it a bit obvious.

Our Pick For 10 Best Ever Sports Anime

This sports anime is all about biking. You will love this anime because the protagonist of this anime is a hard-core otaku. However, the anime club in his school disbanded, which forced him to join the cycling club. The main character here is not so good in sports, and that is what makes it realistic and fun to watch. A must-watch for some good laugh for sure!

Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo is a must-watch anime series that is based on an award-winning manga.

Our Pick For 10 Best Ever Sports Anime

The show is about a boy who decides to become a professional boxer. So, of course, the show is around boxing. You will love the intensity of this series, along with its characters. The anime series came out in 2002, but the manga itself was out in 1989. You surely will love to watch this one.

Yuri On Ice

Yuri on ice is by far one of the best sports anime that you can watch today. The anime, as in the name, is about ice skating.

Our Pick For 10 Best Ever Sports Anime

The show came out in 2016 and become an instant hit. The show has also shown homosexuality in a beautiful manner. You will surely fall for Yuri and his skating skills in this show. The skating scenes are stunning and the anime can be re-watched!

Run with the Wind

The name of this anime is extremely self-explanatory. The anime is about running and is a must-watch for sure. The show focuses on a team of ten runners who all have their own stories and sides to explore.

Our Pick For 10 Best Ever Sports Anime

You will like the characters and love their relationships with each other. The show also highlights the combination of sports and college hand in hand. A recommended anime series, for sure!

These were some of the sports anime that you can watch. We are sure you will not regret any of them! So which one are you binging first?

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