10 Dolphin Videos That Prove They’re Too Cool For School!

Yes, humans might be the smartest species alive on earth, with chimpanzees following close behind. But don’t you think that you can this casually underestimate the potential of our dear dolphins. These sea animals are our favorite for a reason. There are at least 42 species of dolphins, and each one of them is a pleasure to watch at least once in your lifetime. And if your hands and legs are tied, watch dolphin videos you must.v No, we are not kidding. After all, you too must have heard about the zoos that just cherish their dolphins for not only being adorable but intelligent as well. And these qualities are to the point where a zoo can actually hold a whole show that showcases how extraordinary these creatures are.

10 Dolphin Videos That Prove Tbey're Too Cool For School!

There have been several times where either the wild dolphins or a dolphin in the zoo showed us that they understand the bond among the living more than we imagined. There are a number of instances and videos all over the internet where we saw how a dolphin interacted with humans or animals in a manner where they surely looked way too smart. In fact, it is quite common to come across stories about dolphins rescuing, saving, playing, and doing similar things with humans or animals. Not to forget the number of times they have actually saved divers and other people from risky situations like a shark attack. No wonder people love these cute animals.

Dolphins are especially popular for their playful behavior that will never fail to steal your heart. Be it a simple kiss from a beautiful dolphin to a literal laugh! Yes, by the way, you read that correctly. There have been many instances where people saw dolphins laughing while interacting with other creatures. The point is, we don’t think we need to go on with this to elaborate further about how smart these animals are. 

So we thought, why not directly show you? Enough with words and stories. Instead, we will straightaway show you some videos that will make your day. And will further prove how smart dolphins are. So here are 10 dolphin videos of the times these beauties showed their playful and intelligent side to the world!

These weird conversations! 

We wonder what they were talking about?

A beautiful friendship! 

And a beautiful bond was made that day! Don’t you think so?

A comedy show for the dolphin!

This dolphin is surely having the time of its life. It’s almost like a comedy show for it!

Dolphin kisses!

These are the types of kisses training we all need!

Cat-Dolphin duo!

This cat is surely getting a beautiful friend, and we are getting jealous over here!

Dolphin-Dog duo!

We cannot decide whether it’s the dog who is the lucky one here or the dolphin! 

Laughing Dolphin!

We also wanna hear the joke that made this dolphin laugh so hard!

Catching a fish?

So, dolphins are good fishers as well? They surely signaled the fishermen where to drop their net! Crazy!

Hello baby dolphins!

Seems like they are smart from a very young age.

A friendly hello!

How do they seem a much more perfect friend than an actual human being? We surely are in love with their friendly nature! What about you?

Each one of these dolphin videos is a live testimony of why humans don’t deserve adorable animals like these. Not only are they showing how smart they are by helping humans and animals, but they simply are too cute to handle as well!

We have something more – a reason dolphins are too cool for school, or too high, perhaps. Dolphins love getting high. Find out how!

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