10 True Crime Documentaries And Series On Discovery+

Discovery Plus offers a wide variety of content but the crime shows and series always have a huge fan following. Most of these criminal documentaries focus on the real crimes that shook the world, and these can give you chills and tears at the same time. We have listen down 10 of the best true crime documentaries and series that you need to watch on Discovery+ to get a little check on the real world. 

Cold Blooded Alaska

10 True Crime Documentaries And Series On Discovery+

Cold Blooded Alaska is a true crimes series based in Alaska. It brings the most cruel, disturbing and scary crimes that ever happened in the state to light. The first season of Cold Blooded Alaska has 10 episodes, whereas the other seasons have six episodes each. This series doesn’t have any social media handles, but none are needed, for the gory details of the crime invite enough viewers. Almost all the cases that have been telecasted in the show have been solved, and a few suspenseful crimes remain unsolved. The series includes interviews with victim family/friends, witnesses and law enforcement officers who worked on the case. 

Hillsong : A Megachurch Exposed

10 True Crime Documentaries And Series On Discovery+

Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed is an documentary series that focuses on the controversial activities orchestrated by a church which stirred up chaos at Hillsong. This show telecasts the ex-members of the church who open up about the various controversies, such as trauma, abuse, homophobia, labor exploitation and financial forgeries. This documentary series provides brief details about the church, the leaders and the allegations on it. 

JonBenét Ramsey: What Really Happened?

10 True Crime Documentaries And Series On Discovery+

This TV peogram revolves around the death of the six-year-old Jonbenét who was a child beauty pageant winner. The child’s body was discovered in the basement of her parent’s home, hours after she went missing. A ransom note was also found in the house. This TV Movie exclusively presents the unreleased audio recordings and other previously unreleased interviews. It also contains information and data from Lou Smit the homicide detective who handled the case. It also includes statements from Ramsey’s father and brother. This case remains unsolved till datte.

Family Man, Family Murderer

10 True Crime Documentaries And Series On Discovery+

A family that looked very perfect and happy suddenly vanished into thin air without a trace on August 13, 2018. After digging deeper and deeper, it turned out Chris Watts, the father of the family, was the monster behind thepermanent disappearance. In a heniois crime, Watts had killed his pregnant wife and two daughters. The series revolved around his reasons for doing it. All the dark secrets behind the murders are revealed in this documentary series.

Brittany Murphy

10 True Crime Documentaries And Series On Discovery+

Brittany Murphy, a successful actress, was found dead on December 20, 2009 under questionable circumstances. She was only 32 years old at the time of death. The autopsy revealed she passed due to acute pneumonia, severe anemia and misuse of prescription medications, but was it the real reason behind her death? The case got messier when her husband passed away a few months later, owing to the same reasons. This series focuses on this case involving the official material and also revealing the unreleased ones. 

BTK: Chasing A Serial Killer

10 True Crime Documentaries And Series On Discovery+

BTK : Chasing a Serial Killer is a documentary film about the infamous serial killer Dennis Rader. Seemingly a normal guy with a smooth careerband a loving family, there was a side of Radae that lay latent. The notorious killer who wanted to gain fame and build a legacy in the world of serial killers. Known primarily for his glory crimes in Kansas, he has been the reason behind the deaths of many for three decades. The documentary focuses on the investigation process, the testimonies and statements from the officials involved, families of the victims and the few survivors. The thematic focus of the film is the impact he had on his daughter. The documentary TV Movie only has 3 episodes. 

Onision: In Real Life

Onision: In Real Life is a three-episode documentary series that premiered in 2021. It focuses on the controversial YouTuber Gregory Jackson, otherwise known as Onision. He started his YT channel in 2006 and mainly focused on content that would attract teenage followers. He was accused of predatory behaviors with minor fans, being abusive with his girlfriends, and around six women have accused him of abuse and harassment.  The documentary series includes interviews with his father, Randy Jackson; ex-fianće Shiloh, a journalist Chris Hansen and the investigating officers. 

The Lost Boys of Bucks County

This is a two hours long documentary about the disappearance and death of four men: Dean Finocchiaro, Mark Sturgis, Tom Meo and Jimi Patrick. Their bodies were found buried in the family farm of Cosmo DiNardo, who later confessed to the crimes he committed. The Lost Boys of Bucks County is free to stream on the Investigation Discovery website and there’s no need for cable or an account to watch it. In the documentary, you’ll find the investigation process with the officers, the confession of the murderer and the statements of the victim families.

The Crimes That Changed Us

10 True Crime Documentaries And Series On Discovery+

This documentary series consists of 8 episodes of real and some of the most shocking crimes that were committed. Each episode focuses on one particular case. Some of the cases include the case of Andrea Yates, The Menendez Brothers, Patty Hearst, Selena and Rodney King. Each episode is around 40 minutes. 

O.J. And Nicole: An American Tragedy

10 True Crime Documentaries And Series On Discovery+

Nicole Brown Simpson was the ex-wife of the former American football player, O.J Simpson.zTHe TV movie focuses on the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, who was brutally stabbed and slashed on June 12, 1994 along with her friend Ron Goldman. The documentary shows us things from the perspective of Tanya Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson. Therebis a special emphasis on the relationship bstween Nicole and O. J. Simpson, the trial of O.J. and statements from the families of both: the victims and Simpson. The director of this documentary, Ezra Edelman won the Academy Award for Best Documentary and dedicated his award to both Brown and Goldman. 

These were our top picks for the best true crime documentaries on Discover+ right now. Which of these true crime documentaries are you watching next?

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