10 Romantic Anime For A Snuggly Festive Weekend

If you’re looking for more romance in your life, there’s an anime out there waiting to hook you. The genre is brimming with love stories to read, ranging from everyday school life to high fantasy and everything in between. Romantic anime are, thus, cuddly and refreshing.

Here are some of our picks for 10 addicting romance anime to watch right now. Having said that, these options are only the tip of the iceberg.

Howl’s Moving Castle

10 Latest Love and Romance Anime To Binge On This Festive Weekend

Sophie, a young milliner, is cursed and transformed into an old woman, where she meets the wizard Howl, who hopes to use her to avoid conscription into an ongoing war. She joins him in his moving castle, which travels through the countryside on a pair of chicken legs propelled by a magical furnace.

Much of the film focuses on Sophie’s development as a heroine, but the genuine affection between her and Howl highlights tender moments throughout the story. It’s easy to see why Howl’s Moving Castle is one of Studio Ghibli’s best-known works.

Your Name

10 Latest Love and Romance Anime To Binge On This Festive Weekend

A love story had never been so heartbreakingly good. Prepare to enter a world that is very different from the one we see, but that has emotions that are very similar to the ones we feel. You’ll be hooked from the start of this Makoto Shinkai marvel, not only by the beautiful animation but also by the brilliant plot. This romantic anime is not the type of film that fits neatly into a single genre. It is a well-balanced blend of everything good and true. Radwimps’ oh-so-good music will leave you speechless and mesmerised. Without a doubt, it is the best romantic anime film ever made.

Blossoms for Tomorrow

10 Latest Love and Romance Anime To Binge On This Festive Weekend

The story follows Ohana Matsumae, who works at her grandmother’s inn – Kissuis – and frequently clashes with both customers and employees. Despite her initial dissatisfaction, she realises that this is an excellent opportunity for her to improve herself and make new memories.

It’s a pretty relaxing anime to watch, and it’s definitely one of those anime that will leave you with a void in your heart once you’ve finished it, because it’s that good.

Your Lie in April

10 Latest Love and Romance Anime To Binge On This Festive Weekend

The anime’s plot is quite magical; a piano prodigy, Kosei Arima, plays beautiful piano melodies and is very popular among child musicians. The controversy revolves around him because he can’t hear his piano playing when he has a mental breakdown following his mother’s untimely death. Will Kosei be able to play the piano now that he has learned?

This show’s background music and soundtrack have the power to influence our lives in extraordinary ways. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso depicts this glorious message through its main characters and their quest to let go of their past and work hard to seize better days in their future.

Izetta: The Last Witch

10 Latest Love and Romance Anime To Binge On This Festive Weekend

This alternate-history fantasy is set in a Europe similar to that of World War II. The plot revolves around the tiny alpine nation of Eylstadt and the relationship between Ortfine, Eylstadt’s leader, and Izetta, whose power may be all that stands between Eylstadt and invasion. As the last witch of her line, Izetta risks everything to use her power to protect Eylstadt, and Ortfine must mature into the leader she was born to be in order to save the girl she loves.

The romance between Princess Ortfine and Izetta in Izetta: The Last Witch is wonderful, as is Ortfine’s conflicted heart–wanting to keep Izetta safe from battle.

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Warning: tearjerker! The name certainly has a creepy ring to it. But don’t be fooled by the title. The name is derived from an ancient Japanese belief, which you will discover after watching the film. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here. In the hospital waiting room, a boy discovers the secret diary of one of his classmates and learns that she is suffering from a fatal pancreatic illness. He assists Sakura in fulfilling all of the items on her bucket list before she dies. As a result, he realises the value of friendship and begins to open up to the rest of the world. An endearing love story, to be sure.

My Little Monster

10 Latest Love and Romance Anime To Binge On This Festive Weekend

Shizuku Mizutani is uninterested in her classmates and is solely concerned with her grades. She soon meets Haru Yoshida, a troublemaker who never shows up to class. They both lack understanding of human nature and have no friends. Shizuku is taken aback when Haru says he wants to be her friend and admits he likes her. Shizuku and Haru explore the true nature of their relationship and emotions throughout the course of the anime.

From Me to You

10 Latest Love and Romance Anime To Binge On This Festive Weekend

Rarely does a series break the mold that its genre has cast for it, and even fewer times does it stand out from the crowd. Kimi ni Todoke is an example of this. An unparalleled romantic anime, It flips all of the classic shoujo romance stereotyping and plotting devices, leaving us with a thoroughly satisfying and revolutionary romance. The emotions and circumstances introduced to us in this anime are genuine and powerful, but not overly dramatic.

The story is set in a high school where a 15-year-old girl, Sawako Kuronuma, is made fun of. When the popular kid starts talking to her, a whole new world opens up for her.

This Boy is a Professional Wizard

10 Latest Love and Romance Anime To Binge On This Festive Weekend

The wizarding elite Chiharu’s magical ability and hard work have earned him a spot as one of the most important members of the magic department’s counter-crisis division. Nothing, however, can prepare him for Toyohi’s confession, another customer at the bar he frequents. Chiharu has never attempted anything other than honing his magical abilities, and his budding relationship with Toyohi is entirely new territory. Toyohi likes Chiharu for himself, or is he in love with the wizard Chiharu?

This Boy is a Professional Wizard is a lighthearted romance anime from 2016 that consists of four episodes that are roughly the length of a short film.

The Garden of Words

10 Latest Love and Romance Anime To Binge On This Festive Weekend

Despite its name, the film says a lot with few words. It lets Shinkai’s magnificently beautiful animation do the majority of the talking. A 27-year-old teacher and a 15-year-old student meet in a garden after escaping the web of everyday life. They end up filling each other’s voids in the most poetic way possible. The only thing surreal about this highly realistic film is that you can feel the love mixed with petrichor through the screen!

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