10 Pinterest Hacks You Should Use To Make It Big

Sometimes, it feels like social media is actually a time machine. No, hear us out. Have you noticed how easy it is to lose track of time when you are scrolling through any social media platform? Things just don’t make sense. You start with a simple post and a few hours later end up on something extremely unrelatable. And the time, well, no one knows when and how it passed away. But people have made a career out of it, so is it really that bad?. Social media platforms are creating employment on a much larger scale than ever before. And the best part is that everyone gets a chance at it, no matter what their specialty is.  One such platform to look out for is Pinterest. Pinterest has gained a huge amount of users in recent years. It, of course, means that people looking to be famous have a good chance to be something. But every platform has a way of its own. It’s important to know your way through in order to make your name. And for that matter, we’re here with 0 Pinterest hacks that will help you make big in the game.  So, buckle tight, and take a look at the top 10 ways to use Pinterest like a pro

User Name and Display Name

The first of Pinterest hacks will take you a longer long way. Like many other platforms out there, Pinterest too has different names that you need to decide before joining the community. First is your User Name, and the second is your Display Name. It is important to understand the difference between the two. Your User Name will be the one that will be used in your page’s link and URLs. While your display name will be the one that will appear out on the page. So make the decision accordingly. Use a name that suits your business or content. And search for the types that will have more chances to go viral.

Profile Picture

10 Pinterest Hacks You Should Use To Make It Big

The visual game on Pinterest is on the top level. So, you need to find a picture that matches the standards of the platform. Otherwise, it will look too dull for an app like Pinterest where visuals are all that matters the most. So select some pictures that match your content. But it also looks different and beautiful in its own way. It is very important for it to be catchy, no matter what you choose. Also, keep in mind the resolutions and pixels so that the quality is also maintained.

A Worthy Profile

10 Pinterest Hacks You Should Use To Make It Big

It is very important to have a worthy profile. By worthy, we mean the type that will create an interest among people for your work. Pinterest is full of content creators and has plenty of people giving their best with whatever they are choosing. So, it is vital for you to have a catchy profile. So that when someone is introduced to your content, they will love it enough to spend time on it. Basically, the competition is high, so make your profile stand out in the crowd in a good way. 

Similar Businesses

10 Pinterest Hacks You Should Use To Make It Big

The business line is dynamic and competitive, but sometimes, it’s more about connecting and collaborating for higher reach. Especially if the business is on some social media platform. The same goes for Pinterest as well. One of the most important Pinterest hacks is to try and find a similar business as yours. Collaborating with them or being in connection will only help your business or content to grow further and reach more people. 

Pinterest tools

10 Pinterest Hacks You Should Use To Make It Big

It is always beneficial to use the tools of a particular platform while you share your content on it. The more you use the platform’s tool, the more it will create chances for your content to show up in the algorithm. The same is with Pinterest. Use its tools like the ‘Pin It’ button, Pinterest’s Analytical Features, and the app itself. These tools will increase your chances of showing up on the viewer’s feed. It will also help you to keep a check on your growth and engagement. 

The Boards

10 Pinterest Hacks You Should Use To Make It Big

You can create boards on Pinterest according to your wish. Take it as something that you can use to introduce yourself in a sorted-out manner. It’s like a book where every page has something to say that is similar. For example, one board for your introduction. One for any help or queries, another one for the products and content, or one for just fun and interaction. You can make boards like these to make your account more engaged and clear. 


10 Pinterest Hacks You Should Use To Make It Big

One of the most essential of Pinterest hacks, we don’t think this one needs any explanation. In these times of modern advancement and internet engagement, the value of keywords has become clear to almost everyone. Pinterest is no different, of course. Use the correct keywords to make your content reach more people. A good keyword or a few in combination can actually work wonders when it comes to the internet in general. So, use this power to its most. 


Networks are always important. So when it comes to Pinterest, keep in mind to use your contacts well. Social media platforms are interlinked in such a manner that spreading content on more than one platform is quite easy. Not to forget the ample amount of benefits to doing the same. So, use your Networks on every available platform to let people know about your content and business. 

Linking the website to your Pinterest

This is vital for a business that is trying to create an audience through Pinterest. People mostly end up buying products that they see on Pinterest. It basically means that if they like your service, they actually may pin and buy it later. But for them to reach your website is by linking the website with your Pinterest account. The same goes for the other way round. If they are on your site, they can also check out your Pinterest to pin your products and know about them more. 


Of course, the whole process does not stop at just creating the account and spreading the word. The real deal starts from this point. Now that you are ready with everything, start pinning things on your account. The more you do that, the more it will bring viewers for you. And that is the end goal, of course. So, continuity and consistency should be maintained. 

So these were the Pinterest hacks that you need to keep in mind while creating your stand on the platform. If you understand each of them to their fullest, we are sure you will be able to ace whatever you are starting. All the best!

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