5 Anime That Covered The Reality Of The World In The Most Precise Manner!

If you ask a weeb what they love about anime, the answer will definitely be a face of absolute disgust looking towards you, trying to hint that you need to change the question right now! I mean, everything! Yes, an anime lover loves everything about the anime they watch, but then this might go straight above the head of people who have no interest in this genre, so okay, I’ll try to be a bit more precise.

Well, the truth is, anime is no less than a masterpiece movie or series that people usually go crazy for, the only difference here is that the non-anime watchers can follow their favorite celebs even after the character is done with the project, I mean because they are real. The anime characters, however, stay in the hearts of the fans once the anime is over, I mean because they are animated. Other than this very reason, there is absolutely no difference.

The story, the emotions, the character, and the reality that an anime tries to cover are simply marvelous. So, keeping that in mind, we thought of creating a list of 5 best realistic anime that presented the reality of the world in the most accurate manner, but in their own way.


5 Anime That Covered The Reality Of The World In The Most Precise Manner!

Not that I’m a fan of this masterpiece is the reason why I’m putting it on the top, but this anime has millions of fans around the world for this very reason is the reason why this one is on the top. The topics that Naruto covers throughout the series are simply something that deals with the reality of the world. All the arcs that you will see in this series will make you go through various emotions that are typically offered by the world to an individual. From love to pure hate, from sacrifice to sorrow, from friendship to enmity, almost everything is covered in this anime. I mean there is a solid reason why people have gone crazy for this anime.

Hunter X Hunter

5 Anime That Covered The Reality Of The World In The Most Precise Manner!

The anime has a world of its own but the problems the people face in that world are very much similar to the real-world struggles. The Chimera ant act is quite popular for its dark side is probably the reason why it’s so similar to our reality of the world. From a place where people are being manipulated by a self-centered and selfish politician to a world-class organization that sacrificed for a much powerful yet corrupt body, they are not so distinct from how our society works. The power for friendship and the ever-changing priorities that one faces are shown through every character in this anime.

Attack on Titans

5 Anime That Covered The Reality Of The World In The Most Precise Manner!

No, I know there are no real titans because we would have vanished long ago if there were any real ones, because, let’s face it, there can be no human great enough to fill the shoes of humanity’s greatest hero, Levi. Anyways, I know, every AOT fan will agree with me on the fact that this anime has covered topics like segregation, class, and power in the most perfect manner. From manipulation to the consequences of war is something that this anime can have a master in. How situations and society can change an innocent soul into a fighter and survivor is what is presented perfectly.


5 Anime That Covered The Reality Of The World In The Most Precise Manner!

Dororo is a cute anime that is way too dark at some points but that makes it a mirror to our society, right? Dororo is a perfect anime that shows that love can be in any form and shape and is the very weapon that can be the greatest protector. A simple friendship of commitment is sometimes all you need to live happily. The ruins of war and war-like situations are also shown in the anime in the most precise manner. How one can turn to something they hate in order to protect their loved one and how power and status can bring absolute doom if taken to an extreme level is what the anime is about.

Tokyo Ghoul

5 Anime That Covered The Reality Of The World In The Most Precise Manner!

Unfortunately, sexy ghouls like Keneki are not real but the presentation of the life of an innocent in a corrupt world is very close to how it works in the real world as well. The anime did not hold back about how one can change drastically if one gives in to their demons. They did try to show that Keneki did it to save his loved ones but it sure still ended up with him having nothing. The extent of a deep friendship is a masterpiece in this anime which is shown through the relationship of Hide and Keneki, and how seeding hate before knowing anything about your assumed enemy can destroy both sides is also too similar to how the nations work these days.

Well, that was a bit difficult, to count their realities without spoiling the arcs or the stories, anyway, so these are some of the best realistic anime that have covered the reality of the world in some of the most precise forms.

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