5 Dogs Breeds That Shed No Hair

I’ve never owned a dog. Personally, I feel, It’s a huge responsibility. It’s almost like taking care of a child, and frankly, I’m not mentally prepared for it. I have friends who go the extra mile to take care of their pets. Some have more than two dogs! Dogs, like children, require an enormous amount of attention, affection, and training. From potty training to leash training to following simple directions, the lives of these “dog-parents” takes a complete turn. Dogs are social creatures. They’re unpredictable, and the first few weeks are exceptionally difficult. Most dog owners complain about not getting enough sleep and stress over how every dog is different. You need to know what your dog can or can’t eat. Raising a dog can also get expensive. But the pros outweigh the cons here. Being a “dog parent” is very rewarding. It’s a warm feeling you get on a cold December night, it’s that friend you find who’s always got your back if you show and offer it enough trust. Consistency and patience are two of the key fundamental factors in raising a dog. Besides knowing how to raise a dog, one must also consider what essentially comes with the package. People with skin allergies usually consider buying/ adopting dogs that don’t or shed almost no hair. Hypoallergenic dogs shed very little to almost no hair. This prevents
the allergy-causing “dander” (flakes of dead skin) to not stick to their skin. Medical reports also suggest that the dog urine and saliva carry a protein that causes some skin allergies and that it does not depend on how hairy or not hairy the dog is. It really has nothing to do with the dog’s hair. But, dog hair (some belief), causes skin rashes, swelling in the membranes of the nose and around the eyes, and also causes itchy skin. Besides allergies, maintaining a clean house is almost imperative for an individual’s
mental and emotional well being. If the dog in the house sheds a lot of hair, the whole house is practically filled with dog hair and consequently the vacuum cleaner too! This, in my opinion, is another reason why people go for hypoallergenic dogs. Not because they’re prone to allergies but because they like to maintain a clean house.

5 Dogs Breed That Shed To No Hair

In any case, if you’re looking to buy/adopt a dog that sheds little to almost no hair, here’s a list for you.

Bichon Frise

5 Dogs Breed That Shed To No Hair

Pronounced (Bee-Shawn Free-say), is a small breed of dog. It has doll-like features and a thick white fur coat. Their good looks are strengthened with a good-nature. It’s extremely cheerful and affectionate (but, isn’t that every dog on Planet Earth?). Bichon Frises are very adaptable and good for first-time dog owners as they’re easy to train. When it comes to their grooming, one must know that it needs to be bathed almost once every week. They’re french dogs but their breed type (bichon) is originally Spanish.

Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkies

5 Dogs Breed That Shed To No Hair

The Yorkshire Terrier originated from England an like the Bichon Frise, they’re very easy to train and are very energetic. The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest dogs of terrier type or any other dog breed for that matter. It’s silky steel blue and rich golden coat gives it a very regal appearance. The hair almost reaches the floor. Terriers are essentially believed to be brave, and sometimes bossy but they make fiercely loyal companions.

Shih Tzu

5 Dogs Breed That Shed To No Hair

This breed was developed in Tibet, China. The Shih Tzu is a toy breed
like the Bichon Frise. When you get a Shih Tzu home, prepare yourself to begin their training as early as possible. They can be a tad bit difficult to train and they bark a lot. A LOT. Shih Tzus are very loyal dogs and they tend to get over-attached to one person. They’re very lively, intelligent dogs. Shih Tzus have a life span of 10-16 years and require regular grooming. It needs to be bathed once every two weeks. Its hair, if not clipped regularly, can grow very long.


5 Dogs Breed That Shed To No Hair

This dog is also known as the “barkless dog” and is among the most
distinct of dog breeds as it’s been identified via DNA to have descended from the grey wolf. It’s very friendly and affectionate. The Basenji originated from the. The Democratic Republic of Congo and its name comes from the languages of the Congo and means “the village dog”. Basenjis do not require a lot of grooming and all they need are regular baths.

Lhasa Apso

5 Dogs Breed That Shed To No Hair

It’s a dog breed originating in Tibet. Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet
and Apso is a word from the Tibetan language. They’re perfect for any weather as they’re used to the tough winters in Tibet and the short summer months too. Your Lhasa Apso needs to be bathed every four to six weeks. Their long hair requires all the attention and regular grooming. They’re extremely affectionate and they bark rather too loudly. The average lifespan of the Lhasa is 12-15 years but some can live beyond 20. The oldest Lhasa Apso has lived for 29 whole years!

Are you a “dog parent” to one of these above-mentioned breeds? Share with us your shed season anecdote that you share with your family for a good laugh over the dinner a table on holidays.

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