Which Dog Influencer Is Your Spirit Animal?

Dogs are a part of our lives and we just can’t help but wonder that if we were cute little dogs, which dog influencer we would be. 

Not you? Well, now we’ve put it in your heads. And we don’t know about you, but we keep up with enough doggos on social media to want to live their lives. 

Come here now, let’s find out which dogfluencer is your spirit animal. Answer these easy-peasy goofy-woofy-questions and leave the rest to us!

  1. 1 Which of these dog names do you like the best?

    1. Tom
    2. Saint
    3. Muffin
    4. Charlie
  2. 2 Which movie among these is your favourite?

    1. Marley and Me.
    2. Turner and Hooch
    3. A Dog's Way Home
    4. Hachi: A Dog's tale
  3. 3 What do you like to do the most?

    1. Play games
    2. Read
    3. Dance
    4. Travel
  4. 4 Which season do you like the most?

    1. Summer
    2. Winter
    3. Spring
    4. Fall
  5. 5 Which aesthetic you like the most?

    1. Cottage core aesthetic
    2. Indie aesthetic
    3. Dark gothic aesthetic
    4. Grunge aesthetic.
  6. 6 Which is your favourite sitcom?

    1. Modern Family
    2. Brooklyn 99
    3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
    4. The Office
  7. 7 Which is your favourite bird?

    1. Parrots
    2. Eagles
    3. Sparrows
    4. Ducks
  8. 8 What dog breed is your favourite?

    1. Pug
    2. Golden Retriever
    3. German Shepherd
    4. Bull dogs

Which Dog Influencer Is Your Spirit Animal?

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  1. Quiz result


    Looks like your spirit animal is JIFFPOM! 

    Jiffpom is a pomerian and has more than 8.9 million followers on instagram. He has appeared in a Katy Perry music video! Not only that but he also has his own emoji line called the Jiffmoji. Just your luck, you seem to be just as cute as him!

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  2. Quiz result

    Doug The Pug

    Looks like you are a pretty cool person as Doug The Pug is YOUR spirit animal! 

    Doug the pug is a pug who lives in Nashville, Tennesse. He has more than 3.8 million followers on instagram and has acquired the status of a celebrity dog! Just your luck, you seem to be just as cute as him!

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  3. Quiz result

    Popeye the Foodie Dog

    Popeye the Foodie Dog is your spirit animal!

    Popeye the foodie dog is a Havanese dog. He has 403K followers on instagram and not only that but he also has own merchandise. Just your luck, you seem to be just as cute as him!

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  4. Quiz result

    Jax the Husky

    Looks like you are JAX THE HUSKY!

    Jax is a very intelligent husky. And he is an overly cute bundle of joy. Just your luck, you seem to be just as cute as him!

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