5 Laziest Animals In The Animal Kingdom

Aren’t there days when we wish to do nothing but sleep? Those days where all you want is to laze around and the only activity that you are willing to do is eat? What if we tell you that there are animals in the animal kingdom out there living the life you always dreamt of?

In this article, we will be listing out five of the laziest animals in the world!


This Australian animal lives and breeds in the eucalyptus forests. They feed on eucalyptus leaves when not sleeping. Since these leaves are not easy to digest and are not energy-generating food, these animals sleep have very little fuel to do anything. For the same Koalas can be found sleeping for around 18 to 22 hours a day. Well, there is no doubt about the fact that these animals have some serious Koalification in sleeping, don’t you think?

Three-Toed Sloth

These adorable animals live on treetops and their snoozed lifestyle justifies the tag of ‘Slowest Mammal on Earth’ that they get. They have an extraordinarily low metabolism rate and may take days to digest what other animals digest in hours. Apart from the 14-16 hours that they sleep, they can be seen eating leaves and come down the trees very rarely to mate or find other food. 


These champion sleepers, though nocturnal, sleep for 18-20 hours in the day. Not only are they extremely slow but also do not utilize their energy in making their own homes. They can be found sleeping in holes made by the other animals. Once they have found their home sweet home with an adequate place to sleep and a food source, they are there to stay!

Giant Panda

Due to their low energy diet where they only feed on bamboo, they have very little energy to burn. Even after having so much bamboo they hardly have any energy to burn. However, the fun fact is that pandas used to be carnivores around two million years ago, and literally evolved to be herbivores and bamboo consuming animals that only have to eat, sleep, and repeat!


Hippo’s lives are what our ideal beach vacation looks like! They are seen sunbathing on land and sleeping in water. Their well-rested days are followed by close to five hours of grazing grass and passing time! If this does not make you envy the hippo lifestyle enough, they also secrete an oily red substance that works as a skin moisturizer and sunblock. All that sunbathing without the stress of applying and re-applying sunscreen!

Which lifestyle appeals to you the most? Let us know which animal would you be willing to exchange your lifestyle with from the animal kingdom?

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