5 Lesser-Known facts About Game Boy Advance That You Should Know!

Nintendo can truly be portrayed as a God-level gaming company when it comes to talking about video games and game-related community, the community can never thank them enough for developing some of the most loved video games that successfully created a fan base so huge that the themes of those games are being used as loved merchs and theme for parks where people love to go not only because it is a theme park but also because it heavily represents their favorite video game character or concept, am I right?

One of the examples is Game Boy Advance, developed and manufactured by Nintendo, obviously. It basically is a 32-bit handheld game console which is a successor to the Game Boy Color, the game was released in 2001 but still has a fan base that would still go crazy for it. So, we thought to give you a chance to feel closer to the game you love so dearly in a different manner! So, here are 5 not so known facts about Game Boy Advance!

81.51 million units

5 Lesser-Known facts About Game Boy Advance That You Should Know!

I mean, before even elaborating on the text, the number itself speaks volumes about how loved this game is. Although it discontinued in 2010, the impact it left in those ten years was good enough to leave a mark in a manner that it sold 81. 51 million units worldwide where 36.2 million were shipped to the United States! The console was loved to its core and not only impacted that time but still has the residuals in the present!

It was not the first one

5 Lesser-Known facts About Game Boy Advance That You Should Know!

Yes, this handheld console did get a lot of success and stole the hearts of millions but surprisingly, it was not the first handheld gaming console. The popularity does affect its position making it look like it was the only one in the market but it was not. I mean it’s fine if you are having a hard time believing it but not every popular thing has to be the grandpa of its particular field, right!

Presences of 7 years

5 Lesser-Known facts About Game Boy Advance That You Should Know!

The console was in the market from 2001 to 2010 however its presence in the US market was for 7 years! Yes, after console was welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm, it maintained a prominent place in the market until 2008 and was in some areas until it finally discontinued in 2010! I mean, what better way to know that people actually really loved it!

Variety of peripherals

5 Lesser-Known facts About Game Boy Advance That You Should Know!

The handheld game console also acted as a huge motivation for many peripherals that came out of it. It was the inspiration for some peripherals which were very unique in their own manner. Some of the most common ones were Game Club – Game Boy Advance link cable which acted as the connection between a GBA and a Game Club.

Released in 3 major hardware variations

It was released in 3 major hardware variations! The original one was the first to come, the Clamshell was the second while the Game Boy micro was the third which could even fit the pocket which is meant to keep coins! All three variations were experimented with many colors and were widely accepted and loved equally.

Well, these were some of the lesser-known facts about Game Boy Advance, shared in comments about which was already known to you and which one was the one that surprised you the most!

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