5 Most Beautiful Bridges In Europe!

Architects are truly one of the finest artists that get to execute their art in the most flaunting manner, isn’t it? I mean, they come up with some of the best projects, and as soon as those projects are built into the building, well, the whole world gets to see it, like people get to live in it! I mean, if you see them as a structure to live in and all that stuff, but you get the point, right!

Well, one such way where the architects really go above and beyond to show their skills is when they work on bridges. Bridges are easy, one of the best architectural pieces that speak in volumes when it comes to being beautiful. There are some of the best bridges that people get to see around the world, so keeping that into consideration, here we are to let you know about 5 best bridges around the world that are not only known for connecting two pieces of land but are also well renowned for their beauty!

Tower Bridge

5 Most Beautiful Bridges In Europe!

I mean, this sure is at the top of the list because, let’s face it, it sure is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world! The structure is 125 years old, perhaps that’s why its architecture has a unique appeal to it, I mean, antique things have a way to charm, right? Tower Bridge of London sure is one of the best as there is a reason why so many movies and songs and tourists are always attracted towards this famous tourist spot, right! If you want a nice view in your clicks with an iconic bridge at the back, well, this is the place you should definitely visit once!

Charles Bridge

5 Most Beautiful Bridges In Europe!

I mean, if we talk about architectural wonders and not include one of the works from the Czech Republic, it will surely be equal to an artistic crime! Prague is the home of some of the best structures so obviously is not surprising that they have a beautiful bridge as well! The bridge has been standing on the Vltava River since the 14th or 15th century which obviously makes it one of the oldest bridges in Prague. The best part is that the Bridge was made of one stone at a time, giving it the original name as the Stone Bridge!

Szechenyi Chain Bridge

5 Most Beautiful Bridges In Europe!

This beautiful suspension bridge is a proud one standing over the Danube River in Hungary. The iconic bridge is in Budapest and has been open to work since 1849! The bridge was rebuilt in 1949, exactly 100 years after it was made because thanks to fumes with a few countries, the bridge was destroyed in 1945, but obviously, there is nothing to worry about as the bridge stands strong as ever after it was rebuilt! The most remarkable part for the bridge is often in the admiration is the remarkable stone lions of the bridge!

Pont Alexandre III

5 Most Beautiful Bridges In Europe!

Pont Alexandre III Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, the bridge is a proud asset of France and is standing in Paris. The bridge is full of beautiful lamps that give it a fairytale-like look throughout. The best feature of the bridge is its structures of Nymphs, Pegasus, lions, and cherubs! The bridge has a beautiful location as well, near the Champs-Elysees and tomb of Napoleon, so in case you are looking for a nice spot with a nice background, well, this is one of the places that you can check out!

Rialto Bridge

5 Most Beautiful Bridges In Europe!

So, obviously, Venice has a lot of bridges and obviously, they have one of the most beautiful bridges one can ask for! Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy is a beauty to admire. The Bridge is the oldest one that crosses the Grand Canal and was built in the 12th century! This one has seen some mixed journeys as it has been re-built and renovated quite a lot of times, but the beauty still stands as one of the admiring elements of this bridge. The latest when it was built was around the 1500s!

Well, these were some of the most beautiful bridges of the world that you should definitely visit once in your life!

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