5 Netflix Series For The Fashion Lovers!

You know the best part about fashion is you always have room for more ways to try a new look! Be it from a new hairstyle to a unique outfit, fashion is always open to adaptations and upgrades. I don’t wanna sound like a psychology professor but that’s how psychology works; People see something on the internet, they like it, they also see others loving it, and voila! It’s fashion that becomes a must-follow trend.

The Internet today has successfully given us way too many options to let us see the type of trends going on. I mean, gone are the days when you waited for a fashion magazine to try a new look, people have endless options for that now. One of these is the number of series that are not only in focus for their stories and celebs but the fashion sense that is carried by characters often helps a person make a statement, am I right? Well, keeping that in mind, here we are, with our list of 5 Netflix series that is a treat for fashion lovers!

Stranger Things

5 Netflix Series For The Fashion Lovers!

Yup, I know this is extremely strange to see this one on this listical but hear me out. Stranger Things is set in the 90s, what does that tell us? Well, obviously, the series is very particular about its look, the fashion statement, and outfits that can help you to dress as if you belong to the previous century! From its prints to its footwear, from the hairstyle to its accessories, everything will give you ample ideas to get that 90s look!

The 100

5 Netflix Series For The Fashion Lovers!

Again, this might have given you an idea as of now that this listical is not just focused on fashion but also the kind of series that will deliver a hard story while also giving some unique fashion tips! The gothic or end of the world look that people often love to carry is what you will find here. The 100 is an amazing series but the lack of facilities in the series’s plot is what compels the fashion sense of that series to depend upon some street look. So, yeah, that’s your go-to look for such fashion!

Sex Education

5 Netflix Series For The Fashion Lovers!

Are you in college? Or someone who likes to follow the college-going casual look? Well, this one is the series for you. First of all, let me be very clear, the story of this series will hook you up so much that you will forget to focus on their casual fashion sense that you can carry, so, all the best. Well, if somehow, you are able to also focus on what those teens are wearing then yes, go ahead and follow their dressing, great idea right!


5 Netflix Series For The Fashion Lovers!

Sophia really is a boss as in when it comes to this character of this movie. Of course, you have to watch the movie for its story and all the drama that the protagonist goes through but during the entire process of that, you will come across so many outfits that will make you wonder about which one to try first! Do not follow the scams from the movie but yeah, feel free to follow the outfits that the movie goes for!


5 Netflix Series For The Fashion Lovers!

This comedy series is way too clear about its topic, I mean, it’s all over the place as the name is extremely clear. So, the series mainly focuses on sneakers and follows the story of a sneakerhead. The plot is funny and relatable but for fashion lovers, this series will give you some great ideas about your new sneakers that you should go for next!

Well, these were some of the fashion series on Netflix that you should definitely watch if you love to get some great fashion tips while also enjoying a great story!

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