5 Oscar Winners That Made Hollywood What It Is Today

Hollywood has given us a lot of classics films to watch. But few of them are no less than a masterpiece that stays in our heart forever. Few movies change the whole perspective of cinema not because they win Oscar but because of why they won it. Here’s a list of best Oscar winning movies of Hollywood that will blow your mind.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is an epic love story directed by Robert Zemeckis and is inspired from a 1986 novel of the same name. The story portrays different stages of life of a man named Forest Grump who has a marginal intelligence but a very kind heart. The film starts with Grump telling his life story to a stranger. On his first day of school he meets a girl named Jenny Curran and they become best friends instantly. He was a fast runner from childhood and this ability leads him to a football scholarship to Alabama University. After his graduation he enlists the US army where he receives an award for heroism. At an antiwar rally Forrest reunites with Jenny for a short period. After getting apart from Jenny he sets out on his journey to figure out the purpose of his life and receives a letter from Jenny to meet her. Watching this film gives you hilarious laughs and lots of tears as the journey of Forrest Gump is filled with heartwarming adventures.

12 Years A Slave

12 years a slave is directed by Steve McQueen and is based on true events. This Hollywood film is about an African-American born in New York who gets kidnapped in Washington , D.C along with other African-American and sold into slavery to New Orleans. In New Orleans he meets other people who were forced to do slavery and had been there through the same process. He served 12 years as a slave and as he was not ready to accept this, he had to face brutality from the masters many times. But he never gave up hope and always hoped for reuniting with his family. His journey is very much inspiring and difficult as he was living a perfect life and everything changed to the worst in just one night.


Parasite was released in 2019. Parasite is a South Korean dark comedy directed by Bong Joon-ho. This movie portrays greed of a lower class family who frauds a rich family by working as helpers in their house. But slowly their greed for money increased and they extended their fraud by hurting the other helper of the house and ended up killing her. This movie along with the portrayal of greed and fraud also depicts a mystery and class discrimination between rich and poor. There’s also a side of the story that tells about the value of money and how it uses humans as puppets to perform hideous crimes.

The Shape Of Water

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro, the shape of water is a fictional romance. The story is about a mute cleaner Elisa who works in a secret government laboratory. She, while cleaning a lab, encounters a humanoid amphibian. The amphibian has been treated brutally and was being experimented on every day. Whenever Elisa alone cleaned the lab, the amphibian stared at her. She slowly feeling pity for him started to interact and unintentionally fell in love with him. But soon she came to know that the process continued, he would die. So, she set a rescue plan and escaped with him. The head of the laboratory was determined to kill him and so he follows them and fires at them as long as he can. The story about a mute girl having the ability to understand other mute creatures touches your souls and creates a bond with both of them.

The Revenant

The Revenant is an adventure Hollywood film directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. The Revenant tells the survival story of a man Hugh Glass, who after being injured by a bear his crew kills his son and leaves him to die slowly. The amazing thing about this movie is that it was shot using natural light only. Watching the sufferings of the lead character reminds us how brutal nature can be and up to what limits we have to go to make out alive. There are incidents the Glass thought are his last moments and can be for anyone. The brilliant cinematography and acting skills make this movie magnificent.

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