5 Street Food Of Italy That Will Make Your Vacation A Good One!

Foodie alert! To be honest, everyone is a foodie when it comes to some delicious bites kept on the plate ready to give that heaven-like experience to your tongue, isn’t it? I mean who would say no to an excellent delicacy even if they are full, or is it just me? Anyways, some dishes are so tasty that they can turn anyone into a dedicated foodie!

I think it’s fair enough to recognize street food as a root cause to turn people into food lovers, I mean no disrespect to the expensive and amazing restaurants and their chefs, they too hold a great deal in turning people crazy when it comes to some tasty food but street food has an aura of its own.

Of course, many countries come to mind when we talk about street food but for now, let’s stick to Italy. Yes! The country that is famous for blessing us with pizza has much more to offer than just pizza and pasta when it comes to food. Italy had some of the best street foods that you definitely should not miss if you get the opportunity to visit this artistic country!

So, keeping that in mind, we bring you the top 5 best street foods of Italy that you should definitely give a try! Thank us later.

Porchetta romana

Even the name sounds so exciting for street food! This rich mouth-watering dish is extremely famous in Italy, with pork being the main ingredient. The final dish is an absolute delight. It’s basically a large piece of boneless pork which is wrapped and seasoned with herbs, the dish is then roasted. The dish has many ways to be eaten from being sliced up to be simply consumed as a sandwich, it sure is street food but Italians also use it as a delicacy to be prepared for gatherings and occasions.


A simple yet delicious dish, Arancini is also known as fried rice balls however I doubt if anyone would call it that instead of using that fancy name that it already has! As the name suggests itself, Arancini or the fried rice ball is basically a ball of rice covered with bread crumbs that are fried and served, the inside of these balls may consist of various filling depending on the taste of the person cooking them. Sounds simple however this dish is absolutely loved and is a preferred snack in Italy.

Olive all’ascolana

Seems like Italians sure love frying their snacks! Somewhat similar to Aranicini, Olive Ascolana is stuffed olive that is deep-fried and served. The simple nature of this recipe automatically compels me to think of it as a much-preferred snack that anyone would love to try. The reputation that olives have makes it obvious that the taste of the dish is bound to make you crazy however the preference of this dish as one of the most preferred street food can be clearly understood by looking at the easy recipe!

Pizza al taglio

Of course, the top 5 street foods of Italy will consist of a dish that associates with pizza. The dish basically is a variety of pizzas baked together in a rectangular tray, which yes, breaks that typical circular shape image of a pizza. They are highly preferred in Italy as a snack, food, or street food and are widely famous throughout Italy.


These sweet delicacies are actually pastries! And of course one of the ingredients is required to be fried here too. Well, this basically consists of a tube-shaped doe that is fried and filled with a sweet creamy filling. They are mostly available in different sizes like 5 or 7 inches, so depending on your hunger you can choose any, or if you have a sweet-tooth, well then, of course, go for the bigger one. It is very famous in Italy and also referred to as cannoli siciliani.

Well, now that we have given you a soured list of top 5 street foods from Italy, we hope you will have a good idea about the other top dishes other than pizza and pasta from Italy that you can try, right?

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