7 Fascinating Facts About Titanic That You Possibly Didn´t Know

Every once in a while, the film industry gives us a movie so great that it instantly becomes a gem for the coming decades. Hollywood did something exactly like this in 1997 with Titanic, the 200 million dollar movie is still one of the rare pieces of work that has a strong grasp among the people, and judging by the current love towards the movie, it doesn’t seem to be fading away any time soon!

  Well, the movie was an instant hit, which of course means that the making of this movie was one of the hardest yet beautiful process, keeping that into consideration, let’s look upon these top 7 fascinating facts about the movie Titanic that may either blow your mind or will simply make you feel much more closer to this masterpiece of a movie!

The real story of the elderly couple!

7 Fascinating Facts About Titanic

One of the most troublesome yet beautiful moments in the movie was when the loving elderly couple decided to hold each other in their last moment while the sea gently takes them into its arms. Well, guess what, this beautiful scene was not some written one, in fact, it was based on a real story!

The sketch

7 Fascinating Facts About Titanic

Remember that beautiful sketch of Rose that Jack made while she was wearing only a piece of jewelry, the heart of the sea, well, that was a sketch that was done by the film’s director, James Cameron.

The accuracy

7 Fascinating Facts About Titanic

Even though now it’s impossible to see the insides of the real Titanic as it rests deep in the sea, the movie though can provide an almost workable option as the decoration that is shown in the movie about the ship is very much accurate to the real one!

The pet lizard

7 Fascinating Facts About Titanic

Can you guess, who was the actor that was frequently seen with their pet lizard on the set? Leonardo DiCaprio! Yes, he frequently uses to bring his pet lizard on the set of the movie, which also suggests that he had a pet lizard!! What?!

Kate got pneumonia

7 Fascinating Facts About Titanic

Kate Wilson got Pneumonia in the set! Why do you ask? Well, she did not want to wear a wetsuit during the water scene, the result of which she got pneumonia! Well, of course, she recovered without any other issue.

The destroying shot

7 Fascinating Facts About Titanic

Well, the makers of the movie were sure very talented as they pulled the scene with water rushing in the staircase was done perfectly, despite the fact that this would destroy the furniture, basically, they only had one chance to shoot this scene. They aced it!

Planet Ice

7 Fascinating Facts About Titanic

One of the most interesting facts about the movie is that it was almost named ‘Planet Ice’! Of course, now that we are used to the name Titanic, Planet Ice would look unnecessary, however, it’s still no harm to say that both the names were good, and we are happy with the result anyway!

 Well, these were some of the most fascinating facts about the most loved movie. We hope it gave you some deeper insight into the movie that will make you feel like a more dedicated fan! Let us know, which was the most fascinating fact to you?  

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