5 Tips To Groom Your Dog Effectively

If you own a pet dog or want to get one soon, then you should equip yourself with some grooming skills. Bathing, brushing and keeping you pet clean is an important step towards a healthy home and a healthy pet. Also, training your dog to enjoy bathing is half the battle won.

Introduce Your Dog To Bathing


You need to introduce and familiarize your pet with the different bathing things. They should be familiar with the tub, shampoo, towel, brush and everything else that you use while bathing them. You can look for specialized products in your local pet store. Check for the different shampoos that are available and choose accordingly. Prepare you pet by calming them down while patting and stroking them. Spend sometime outdoors going for a walk or playing before bath time so that they are tired and then enjoy bathing.

Put some cotton in their ears to prevent water from going into their ears. Wet their entire body and apply the shampoo. Lather them up and gently massage the shoulders, the chest area and their legs. Use your hand so you can reach their under coat. Then gently rinse the shampoo off while massaging them. Don’t forget to condition the coat if you have a pet dog with a furry coat.


Drying Your Dog


Drying is important after a bath. Make sure you use a soft towel and one that your dog is comfortable and familiar with. Use a large and absorbent towel. Once your have dried up most of the water, let them naturally dry them selves. Try to avoid using an air dryer. But if your dog is very furry then you might need to use the air dryer. Then use it in a low mode and from a little distance. Dog don’t usually enjoy air being blown at them.


Brushing Your Dog


Brushing is an important part of grooming. Some dogs love brushing. How many times you need to brush your dog also depends on the length of their fur. Dog with long and bushy coat need more brushing while dogs with shorter coat will need less brushing. Some dogs don’t need brushing at all and you can use a grooming glove to remove loose hair. Brushing helps detangle the coat of the dog and also remove matting and bugs from your dog’s coat. it is an important step because it prevents matting of the coat and also prevents moisture from getting locked in the matting and causing infections. If your dog has too much matting, then you might need to take him to the vet.


Trimming Their Hair


Trimming hair is important if your dog has a long hairy coat. You will need to trim the hair around the eyes so that it doesn’t block their vision. Hair around the chin and the jaw also needs to be trimmed to prevent food from getting trapped and causing infection. Area near the anus also needs to be trimmed so that feces doesn’t get trapped. You will also need to trim the coat wherever the hair is matted or tangled. Use a blunt pair of scissors so that you don’t hurt your dog. Apart from the hair it is also important to trim the nails of the dogs. If you are nor comfortable trimming hair on your own, then take him to a vet or a pet grooming salon.








Regular Health Check-Up


A regular visit to your local veterinary is important as it will keep the pet’s health in check. You need to keep a check for the health of your dog’s eyes, ears, nose and teeth. You can monitor them at home as well. Keep checking their eyes for any redness or itching. Dogs tend to shake their heads a lot if they have any problem in their ears. Keep suitable chew toys at home for your dog, but do consult with your vet regarding dental care procedures.


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