First Time Dog Owners, This Checklist Is For You

Are you finally planning to get a dog, be one among many dog owners? Well, you are sure going to be blessed with the friendship of a lifetime. But you already knew that, correct? After all, everyone knows how lucky it is to have a pet companion. Especially if that comparison is a fuzzy ball of fur. However, since it’s your first time owning a dog, you might not be aware of a few vital things. It sure looks wholesome to be able to spend time with a pet dog, but in actuality, it is not that easy of a task. In fact, owning a dog can be very troublesome if not done correctly. After all, when was it ever easy to raise a life? Your new pup will be your new kid. A kid, of course, needs so much more than just love.

So, here is a guide for all you new dog owners. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before getting that furry baby. Once you understand the needs correctly, you will be more than ready to welcome your new pet!

Have patience and let the dog adjust

First Time Dog Owners, This Checklist Is For You

Just like humans, dogs also need their own time to adjust to their new surroundings. When you bring your new dog to your home, everything is unknown to them. And the fear of the unknown is the most common among any living creature. So, obviously, the same goes for your dog as well. A dog, no matter be it an adult or a puppy, will need it’s time to sit well with the routine that you both build together. They might be scared at first or will be friendly at the first go itself. It totally depends on the dog. So, be patient and let the dog get familiar with the new life. 

Be ready to babysit that puppy

First Time Dog Owners, This Checklist Is For You

The reason why puppies are the most adorable is that they are the baby version of adult dogs. It automatically means that they simply are babies as well. And raising a baby is one of the most difficult tasks. So, before you get that puppy, make sure to get all the necessary information. From vaccination to its training, every bit is vital. It simply won’t help you if you are clueless after getting the puppy home. So do your research before welcoming the fur ball. 

Basic Needs

First Time Dog Owners, This Checklist Is For You

They are called basic for some obvious reasons. Your dog simply won’t be happy and healthy if you lack the basic facilities that a dog must get. Its health heavily depends on the physical activities and nutritional diet that you need to take care of. Not to forget the importance of mental health that depends on social interactions. In a nutshell, be prepared to provide these necessities to your dog for it to remain healthy and happy. 

A good Veterinary

First Time Dog Owners, This Checklist Is For You

Every family has a family doctor on whom the family depends for their medical advice and treatments. The same goes for your dog as well. You must find a good veterinary doctor for your dog so that you can go to them for any problem that your dog might face. Just like the family doctor, finding a trusted veterinary doctor is important as well. After all, health is the top priority to stay alive. 

Wants and Needs

First Time Dog Owners, This Checklist Is For You

Other than the basics, there are a few things that your dog will want or will need. You might not know at the start about the preferences of your dog. After all, it is new to you as well. As fresh dog owners, try to get a few of everything so that you can finally gather a good enough idea about your dog’s likings. Like the toys it prefers. Or the type of leash, sheets, bowl, and much more. 

Dog Food

First Time Dog Owners, This Checklist Is For You

It is vital to settle on the correct type of dog food that suits your dog. The food must be balanced and keep your pet healthy. There are a variety of dog foods in the market, so choosing among so many can be difficult. Of course, you can rely on advice depending on what breed you have. You can also try observing your dog’s health with a particular kind of dog food. If a certain brand gels well with the health of your dog, then maybe it is the correct one.  


First Time Dog Owners, This Checklist Is For You

Training is important as well. Your dog and your relationship will be a bit more special with training. You can teach them all kinds of tricks that you both can do together. It always is the fun part. However, training itself is not that easy. Training a dog can be a task as well. So be well prepared for everything! However, the results of having a well-trained dog are always sweet. 

Behavior Problems

First Time Dog Owners, This Checklist Is For You

Keep proper tabs on how your dog is being treated and is behaving. Behavior problems are obvious as no one is perfect. The same goes for dogs as well. A dog might have an issue with some habits or two that need to be corrected. It can be anything from chewing everything to barking a lot. Understanding the dog is the key here. 

Health problems

First Time Dog Owners, This Checklist Is For You

Of course, dogs also go through health problems. Encountering absolutely no health issues is inevitable. Of course, the dog will go through a few common health issues at least once. The concerns are the more serious ones. Try to keep in mind the health necessities of the dog so that serious health problems of your dog can be avoided. However, a few problems are obvious. So be prepared. 

Dog owners, remember your commitment

First Time Dog Owners, This Checklist Is For You
Young woman training and playing with puppy on grass, in park. Rottweiler dog puppy details

Commitment is the key and is one of the most vital points about being dog owners Getting a dog means committing for life to that dog. You need to be responsible enough for the dog and its actions. A healthy relationship keeps a dog happy. Negligence can actually make a dog lonely, which is not good for its behavior and mental health. So try your best to be a responsible owner.

So these were some of the important things that you need to keep in your mind before getting a puppy. Once you understand the importance of each of these points, we are sure you will be able to enjoy your time with your furball!

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