7 Anime That Food Lovers Just Can Not Miss!

Foodie alert! Or should we say anime alert? Everyone loves food, um , it’s essential for survival, duh, but there is more to food than just being a source to function. Keeping that into consideration, some blessed(and daring!) people came up with experiments that made the meal a delicacy. Coming to best food anime, it needs absolutely no explanation.

Anime is life and weebs will, without a second thought, enter any portal or whatsoever that might have a chance to transport them to the anime-verse!

Bringing these two together is what the world was blessed with when the first food anime arrived. However, it’s not just confined to a single one, ofcourse because we’ve welcomed many food anime since! Now, picking from so many can be a tedious task, but, worry not, because we are here with our list of 7 best foodanime that you should really give a try if you have a thing for this genre!

Gourmet Girl Graffiti (Koufuku Graffiti)

7 Anime That Food Lovers Just Can Not Miss!

This anime will make you fall in love with the process of bettering your cooking skills. Ryou, our adorable chef, is full of talent and can cook spectacular food, but the breathtaking aroma and extremely tempting appearance of her dishes do not match with her yet to be improved taste. The anime is revolves around culinary-growth. The anime is a true slice of life you cannot possibly miss!

 Dream Colored Pastry Chef (Yumeiro Patissiere)

7 Anime That Food Lovers Just Can Not Miss!

Our second pick revolves around the young Ichigo who does not have many interests or skills except an amazing tongue, quite literally! While on a visit to a sweets festival, she realizes her skill for tasting and, with the help of her new sensei, she moves to St. Marie Academy, where she works on polishing this newfound talent to become a Patisserie. She meets the three Sweet Princes and sweet spirits who help her in the process.

Freshly Baked (Yakitate!! Japan)

7 Anime That Food Lovers Just Can Not Miss!

Freshly Baked is an aromatic anime। It give you a sudden urge to have some freshly baked bread while watching it! The anime is about a boy, Kazuma, who has the special ability to make the most perfect bread with nothing but his hands. This power is called ‘Hands of the Sun’.. His goal is to bake the perfect bread but, before that, he needs to clear a baking competition that will help him nourish his skills. BUT it won’t be easy. Does he clear it, though? Watch to find out!


7 Anime That Food Lovers Just Can Not Miss!

If you are a bartender, you need to watch Bartender!

Not that you can’t if you are not a bartender, of course. The anime is about a ground-breakingly handsome bartender who has skills we would love to see in action, and the consequences of! The drinks our bartender makes, in every single episode, will you placebo-drunk! Oh and, to make things all the better, he has a listening ear, especially for the ones who come for a drink with a heavy heart. A much needed bartender, huh?

Ristorante Paradizo

7 Anime That Food Lovers Just Can Not Miss!

As the name suggests, Ristorante Paradiso takes place in Italy. The young girl around whom this anime revolves is newly emplyed at a Roman restaurant that will change her perception of chefs. Here, she will meet the people who will make her fall in love with the culture, and with the people she started working for. If you’re looking for anime that deals with more than just cooking, Ristorante Paradiso is the one for you!

Food Wars! (Shokugeki no Sōma)

7 Anime That Food Lovers Just Can Not Miss!

Our list is definitely incomplete without this anime in it! Food Wars, as the name gives it away, is all about food and wars among the most talented chefs who can leave your mouth watering with each dish they artistically make! And yes, we realise you can’t really eat what they cook but just watching them do their thing can do wonders. The protagonist?:A boy who is aiming to surpass his father, who is also a chef! Quite interesting, right? Don’t miss it!


7 Anime That Food Lovers Just Can Not Miss!

Wakako-Zake is about a 26 yo woman whose life you would love to follow. She has a classic passion to end her tiring day by going alone to restaurants and trying out different delectable preparations (including signature wines!). This anime will take you with her to lavish restaurants, EVERY NIGHT, where she’ll figure out the best dish to end her day with. Oh how we wish we could do the same;

 Well, these were some of the best anime that will make you go crazy for food for sure!

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