7 Cancelled Netflix Original Shows And Their Reasons

An unspoken obvious rule of the entertainment industry is that a hit show must not stop.  Why would someone not carry on making a show which is breaking the internet, right? This is the sole reason why some of the cancellations fail to make sense to us. In recent years, we have seen a number of hit shows that vanished from the face of Netflix Originals after a couple of hit seasons. Why, fandom cries! 

If you’re still wounded because of these cancelled Netflix Original shows, we are here to give you their real reasons and some closure.

I Am Not Okay With This

7 Cancelled Netflix Original Shows And Their Reasons

Yeah, same here. We weren’t okay with whatever Netflix tried to pull here, by cancelling this show after the first season, either. This 2020 dark comedy was a lot more fun than many of the ongoing shows on Netflix. The messed-up life of Sydney took a sharp turn after she discovered that she had some uncontrollable powers. Only, this sharp turn was not such a good one. The show was amazing and people were enjoying it. But then it was cancelled after its very first season. The pandemic outbreaks was the culprit, but fans surely did not like this idea as it was supposed to have one more season. Not that we can blame Netflix for this one, but we do hope to hear some assuring news about the possibility of the next season after the situation gets better. 

October Fraction

7 Cancelled Netflix Original Shows And Their Reasons

Something like spy kids, only so much more. October Fraction was cancelled after its first season. The show was based on a comic book and offered a lot more than usual. A family that hunts monsters, well, the drama was, of course, bound to overflow.. The reason for the cancellation of this show left us confused. According to data, the show was one of the most binged. However, rotten tomatoes did not show much love. The confusion led to a lot of unclarity, leading the show to be cancelled after a season.

V Wars

7 Cancelled Netflix Original Shows And Their Reasons

First of all, the show had Ian Somerhalder. Secondly, he was a vampire! Before even moving to the plot, most of the people were already hooked to the show for these two reasons. However, V Wars was cancelled after a season. Seems like Netflix was not that happy with the number of eyeballs the show was catching. Netflix has no public rating shown on any portal. Due to this, there is no final confirmation about the reason. However, nothing can change the fact that the fans surely were not too happy with this decision.


7 Cancelled Netflix Original Shows And Their Reasons

Unlike some other shows, Sense8 needed no official public rating released by Netflix. The show was a hit for sure. People were loving it and it had already made a strong fan base.  Even though it was a great sci-fi show, it was cancelled after two seasons. According to Netflix, the reason why they nixed this one was because of the lack of balance between the show budget and its earning. The show was being shot in different countries but the earnings were not good enough to carry on the hustle. It’s just sad, that’s what it is.

The Society

7 Cancelled Netflix Original Shows And Their Reasons

No society can thrive without law and order. Of course, there are many other aspects that are at play here, but law is vital. The Society was a bit of mystery that also showed what happens in anarchy. The show was good and engaged a large audience. However, it was cancelled after the initial season. The reason behind this cancelation, as stated by the streaming platform, is the pandemic. Again, cannot exactly blame Netflix for this one.


7 Cancelled Netflix Original Shows And Their Reasons

This beautiful comedy-drama was so much more than just a show. With some Hollywood misfits making their way around the world of wrestling in the 80s, the show was an obvious hit and had a large fanbase. However, it was cancelled after three seasons. It did have a fourth season, but thanks to the pandemic, we are bearing the loss of an amazing show. There are no talks of it being renewed after the pandemic situation as of yet.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

7 Cancelled Netflix Original Shows And Their Reasons

This show has a fan base so huge that we need not explain anything. Almost everyone knows what happened here. This binge-worthy teen drama about a witch was cancelled after four seasons. The show was doing really well and had a lot of plans for its fifth season. However, the news of the cancelation broke the internet along with its fans’ hearts amid the pandemic. And we know that you have already guessed it because yes, the show was cancelled due to the outbreak.

Well, these were some of the shows that no one knew would be cancelled. Honestly, each one of them was actually doing so well. Bur life is not always fair, and Netflix isn’t either.

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