7 Dog Breeds That Are Known For Being Extremely Lazy

Having dogs means constant care and running and walking along them all the time. It’s such havoc to keep a dog at your house if you are an isle person. If you are a lazy head but still want a cute pet then snuggly dogs are all you need. The most interesting thing is they are found in all the sizes so you don’t have to care about your apartment size.

Shih Tzu

lazy dog breeds

Shih Tzu is a toy dog breed which originated from south Asia specifically from China and Tibet. The dog was bred by Tibetan monks as a gift for the Chinese monarchies. They served the purpose of a lap dog to the members of royalty. These  dogs require minimal exercise and only cuddling scratch-scratches and tickles. Jay Scott, DVM, founder of the pug centric website Pugs-quest and a veterinarian says that these dogs just need as much activity as they could get by roaming around the house. The breed is available in several colors and it contains a beautiful shiny coat with long hairs. They have a very playful personality.


lazy dog breeds

The dog originated in China and this also comes under the category of toy breeds. Pekingese was also initially used by the Kings as a lap dog.  They love  to spend most of their  time napping and lying around. They  require less than 20 mins of activity. They have an adorable punched face which makes them look really cute.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

lazy dog breeds

The dog falls under toy breeds category and is said to be originated in the United Kingdom.  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the name itself says that this cute little fellow was also bred for the royal laps. These dogs are seen in the portraits of British royals, including King Charles II from where he got his name. The dog has a shiny, soft coat and large drooping ears. They are perfect eye pleasers.


lazy dog breeds

Chihuahuas are among one the most famous dogs in the lazy dog kingdom. Chihuahuas are not a lazy dog. Instead it’s so tiny that our one step is equal to their 10 steps. So wandering around your house would be enough for these tiny little cuties. The dog is named after a Mexican state as it originated from Mexico. They can be found in 2 different coat types Smooth Coat and Long Coat. The breed is very vocal and loves to become the centre of attraction. 


lazy dog breeds

Greyhound is a hunting dog which is known for its speed. In fact the Greyhound’s are the fastest dog on the planet.  This will make you wander how they made up-to the list. Seeing the greyhound structure you will be shocked that this dog can be a lazy head.  Greyhounds are couch potatoes who can spend maximum time of the day just on their favorite couch. All they need is a good 20 to 30 minute of walk and exercise everyday but sometimes they would just refuse to go out. The only time you would see it running is when chasing any small object.

English Bulldog

lazy dog breeds

Bulldogs are popular all over the world for their wrinkled face and goofy nature. They simply love sleeping. They would just keep lying all day and get up only for cuddles or treats. They are so lazy that they refuse to go out. You would literally have a hard time taking them for a walk but you should ensure to give them some kind of exercise to avoid health issues and obesity. They love to be cuddled and being in the lap of their owners.

Great Dane

lazy dog breeds

This is the largest dog breed in the world and comes under the working dog category. Though they love to be the big brothers and care for you or other pets. They also love to simply lay around, also some exercise is needed for them but too much exercise can affect their bones and joints. Their large size restricts them from doing much exercise naturally. Great Dane in-spite of having such large size does not require much space. 

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